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About Hook and Jab Pads

By providing a punching target, hook and jab pads and focus pads are a great way to improve your boxing techniques including your speed, sparring skills and accuracy of punches. The pads are held by the trainer or training partner who absorbs the punches of the boxer.

Hook and jab pads sit the hand in the correct positon to absorb punches better. Many pads  and target mitts come with shock absorbing foam construction, while those with gel encasing provide better impact resistance and allow the trainer to catch the punches more effectively. Focus pads are used to develop timing and accuracy and allow you to work on attack and defense techniques whilst improving balance, footwork and coordination. Curved pads are particularly popular due to their ergonomic design.

We offer a selection of Hook and Jab Pads from leading brands including TKO, BBE Boxing and Boxing-Mad.