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About Bodycore

Supplied by Dynamic Activity, BodyCore functional training platforms are the next generation of Vibration Training. Launched in the UK in 2009, they have been a success with professional sports teams, commercial health club chains and medical facilities.

The BodyCore functional training platforms have re-defined vibration training with:


  • Pure vertical movement to give the most effective transfer of energy
  • Low frequency to minimise the exposure to potentially dangerous G-Force level
  • Functional design with no control bar to prevent dynamic functional movements.

BodyCore products offer fast, effective & safe results. Their research and experience demonstrates that the low frequency, total vertical movement of the platforms provide users with exceptional accelerated strength and conditioning results in a safe and natural way. Combining this with the functional design, makes these platforms the most versatile and effective training platforms on the market.

Use your BodyCore Vibration Trainer on its own or in conjunction with other equipment such as kettlebells, stability balls, U-Wrings, TRX and cable systems. The techniques are limitless.