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About Prospot Fitness

ProSpot Gym Equipment

ProSpot Fitness®, Inc. is changing the way men and women lift weights. Based on patented and patent-pending technology, ProSpot Fitness has developed spot-less weight training systems that allow users to lift weights without using spotters. Grab & Go® technology used in ProSpot gym equipment utilises computerised touch sensors and a quadruple cabling system that allows a lifter to release a barbell or dumbbells from any position and lock them instantly at the point of release.

ProSpot believes that free weight training should be part of every person's health and training regime, whether you are an individual working out at home, at the gym or are an athlete training for a winning performance. They also believe that free weight training should be as easy and trouble-free as possible. That's why they created systems that take the stress out of training, simplifying free weight lifting and making it more effective than ever.

ProSpot Fitness is committed to producing superior and innovative fitness equipment. All their products are UL compliant and carry limited lifetime warranties. ProSpot Fitness provides excellent customer service, product training, marketing tools and sales support for each retail location selling their equipment, as well as commercial settings in which ProSpot Fitness systems are located. They also provide telephone support for all registered customers when needed. Satisfied customers and dealers are the key to the success of Prospot.