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About Upper Body Trainers

Why Buy An Upper Body Trainer?

There are many fitness machines that can deliver a quality upper body workout. Upper Body Trainers, often referred to as Upper Body Ergometers, provide a safe, more convenient alternative to weight lifting, which may require two people: one who trains and one who assists (a spotter). Upper-body rotational exercise can induce significant improvement in the cardiovascular system while using significantly less muscle mass than traditional cardiovascular exercise.

Upper Body Ergometers are also often used for rehabilitation and for those with disabilities.   

How do you use Upper Body Trainers?

Upper Body Ergometers require you to work out using your arms to pedal in 360 degree resolutions. You will often be in a seated position, though some may allow you to perform the exercise whilst standing too. The machine can measure how much work your upper body muscles are doing and you can adjust the settings to control resistance. Typical Upper Body Trainers have an adjustable seat, feedback displays and adjustable resistance.