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Installation Request Form

Site access form relating to the installation of fitness and strength training equipment.

Please note that not providing this form with the requested information may significantly delay your installation as the 14 working days will not begin until we receive the completed form.

To ensure smooth and problem free installation please answer with as much detail as possible throughout this form.

Order Details

Principal Contact Details


Important Notice

We will always endevour to arrive on time, but cannot be held responsible for late arrival due to unforseen circumstances.

It is imperative that the space for the product(s) has been cleared.  The area for the equipment to be installed into must be clear and ready before the installation team's arrival.

Access to the installation area is unrestricted.  A clear path from the access to your property to the installation area must be preparted before the installation team's arrival.

Adequate parking / vehicle access must be provided.  Any charges incurred by the installer for parking etc. will be chargeable. Please note that we cannot provide an installation service where no parking is available. This includes Red Routes in Metropolitan Areas.

Bodypower Sports Plc reserve the right to charge £25.00 for every half hour the installation engineer is unable to start work.

Road Access To Your Premises

Please advise when your building is ready to accept the installation. If you are having renovation work carried out please advise when the work will be completed. This includes flooring, electrics & decorating etc. We are unable to carry out installations where it is not safe to do so.

Property Acccess

External Acccess

Internal Acccess

  • If the access is via stairs

  • If the access is via a lift

Please note.

If you are having products installed that require electricity to power them & none is available you will be charged for a return visit if the product(s) installation requires us to re-attend once power is available.

Installation Area

Please note that Fitness Superstore sell floor protector mats. These are particularly useful if you have a solid wood, Parquet, laminate or tiled floor. Not only do they protect against damage to the floor & sweat, they help to stop machines from moving on certain floors.

For insurance reasons we are unable to install any product that requires us to drill into a customer’s property including buildings and their walls, (for example boxing bag brackets). We are also unable to install certain hardware products that may be ordered or come supplied with certain products, (for example JHT Passport Media Players). We are also unable to trim or shape rubber matting.

All prices quoted are for ground floor installations in the main building of the property or a garage at the side of the main part of the building.

Installations above or below ground floor or outside the main building i.e. an outhouse etc may be subject to a surcharge, especially if not mentioned at the time of order. You may be asked to assist the installer to get the product(s) to their location.

Fitness Superstore is within its rights to refuse any installation if the engineer deems the installation location to be hazardous or the request unreasonable. If the product does not fit into the area where the installation is requested & a representative of Fitness Superstore did not measure the area, then Fitness Superstore cannot be held responsible, therefore the customer will incur the cost of the visit. Agreed installation time must be adhered to.

Installation costs have been calculated based on the information provided by you. Should any problems be encountered that we were not aware of during the installation of your equipment additional charges may apply.

Please be clear in your mind exactly where in the room you wish to have the equipment. Once built, some equipment may be very heavy and very timely to move, in which case an extra cost or further visit may be required.