However you want to label it – fitness fanatic, gym bunny, or the somewhat irritating fitness ‘freak’ – there are some of us out there who take our dedication to a fit and healthy lifestyle that bit further. Are you one of them? Here are 10 signs that suggest you are...

  1. When booking a holiday, you - once you’ve overcome the anxiety that you’ll be away from your usual gym/fitness equipment/routine – filter hotel search results by those containing an on-site gym, swimming pools, or suitable grounds for running. Oh, and you make sure you pack your trainers and some sort of on-the-go fitness equipment (resistance bands, suspension trainer, skipping rope, etc.) so you can get your sweat on whenever, wherever. Phew! Panic over.
  2. Your fitness is always no. 1 - go out partying with friends, or smash Leg Day at the gym? Uh, do people actually choose partying over their gains?
  3. Getting that workout in is more important than that hot, relaxing bath. Damp hair for work? Ah well, at least you killed that HIIT workout this morning!
  4. When asked what you want for your birthday, new fitness equipment, gym gear and tickets to the latest fitness expo top your list.
  5. All your Google Alerts, social media feeds and “Favourites” are fitness, health food or workout related. The ones you really care about, anyway…
  6. You’ve seriously considered giving up your secure public sector job and training as a Personal Trainer.
  7. You dream workouts.
  8. The thought of injury makes you break out in a sweat. And not the good kind.
  9. If you miss a workout for whatever highly inconvenient reason (a meeting at work that’s over-run, traffic, your girlfriend’s birthday party, etc.), you get a bit grumpy and have to make sure you kill it extra hard next session.
  10. While most people would say pulling on their PJs and curling up on the sofa is their happy time, you’re at your most joyful when you’re kitted out in your trainers, smashing burpees.

If you’re a big yes to the majority of the above, then it’s safe to say you definitely love your fitness, big time. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work, but remember to give yourself a break once in a while! We all need some down time, even those of us that are never seen without our gym bag, water bottle and protein shake at the ready!