Guest Blog: My Spartan Trifecta Journey Part 2 – the Spartan Super 13K!

Our very own Spartan, Justin – manager of our Leeds store – tells us about phase 2 of his Spartan Trifecta Challenge – the Spartan Super 13K…

Spartan Race medal

Me with my Spartan SUPER Finisher’s Medal

Back in June, I revealed all about the first leg of my journey to obtain the coveted Spartan Trifecta Medal. The Spartan Sprint 5K was part 1 of three gruelling (and immensely fulfilling) Spartan Races made up of the Sprint 5km, Super 13km and Beast 20km. All three have to be completed in one year to receive the Spartan Trifecta Medal.

With the final part – the Beast – happening in less than 3 weeks, I thought I’d blog about the second phase before I hit the mud for my final phase and earn a place in the Spartan Trifecta Tribe!

I did the Manchester Spartan SUPER on Saturday 4th July. 8K longer and almost three times the length of the SPRINT back in June, there were also over 20 obstacles, a step up from 15 in the SPRINT.

Training for Race Day

I basically started my training for the SUPER from straight after the Sprint in May right up to Race Day. This gave me a good couple of months to prepare.

The training this time involved more upper body strength training with fitness equipment including Raze Battle Ropes, Body Power Cast Iron Kettlebells, the iFit RIP:60 suspension trainer for body weight training, Body Solid Slam Balls and of course the old faithfuls like the Horizon 507 treadmill (I love the extra long belt – great for my sprints!), the Octane Q47Ci Adjustable Stride Elliptical (great Workout Booster Modes!) and the brilliant ZeroRunner. This is a big fave of mine because it lets me run but without impact. Brilliant for avoiding injury on the run up to race day!

Octane Zero Runner

The Octane Zero Runner was a great training tool

By upping the cardio and maintaining the upper body strength regime I had for part 1, I feel I definitely did enough to prepare for the race. The extra cardio was definitely a good call to get me through the tough running sections.

Race Day

This course was a lot more challenging than the SPRINT at Allianz Park, mostly due to the fact it was in a more rural setting (Heaton Park). It therefore involved much more mud, water, hills and even more mud!

Spartan Race - Traverse Wall

The Traverse Wall – a real test of grip strength!

What I really loved about this race was that it was the perfect step up from the SPRINT. Knowing it was part 2 and a step closer to the Trifecta Medal too, helped spur me on big time.

Spartan Race Tyre Carry

The Tyre Carry – I chose to take 2!

Again, my daughter Amelia took part in the Junior Spartan Race. Once again the first girl over the finish line in her age group, I was super proud and that was great motivation for me too.

Spartan Junior Race

My daughter Amelia was triumphant in the Spartan Junior

My favourite part: I’d have to say The Muddy Hills and Ice Cold Stream Crawl! I love extremes and these definitely delivered. And yes, the Ice Cold Stream Crawl is exactly what it says on the tin!

The most gruelling: The longer “off road” running sections through woodland and mud tracks etc. were hard going. I was grateful for my training as this really helped give me the stamina I needed.

Another test of endurance and strength was the 50K Plate Hoist!

Spartan Race - 50K Plate Hoist

The 50K Plate Hoist – get low and work hard!

What makes the course so compelling: The camaraderie of the Spartan family, the individual challenge involved and of course the awesome finishers’ medals!

Here’s a pic of me and my old friend Chris Halton who is a helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, currently stationed in Kenya. He joined me for the Super and has now gone on to complete the Sprint in Scotland while I was away on holiday… I got him hooked haha! 🙂

Spartan Racers

Me and fellow Spartan fan Chris Halton

Spartan Race - Fire Jump

The Fire Jump – just before the Finishing Line

Fancy a go?

I’ll never stop saying it – give Spartan Race a go! If you’re considering it, that’s enough to make it worth your while. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the fittest or the fastest – it’s the ultimate way to challenge yourself, enjoy great camaraderie and, above all, have tremendous fun.

As I am part of Spartan Race UK’s Street Team, I have my very own exclusive 20% discount for any UK Spartan race in 2015. Just go to Spartan Race UK and enter the code LGN72 when prompted at the checkout.

Spartan Race medals

My medals so far

Read part 3 – the Spartan BEAST.




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