BRAND NEW MAX Trainers are here!

In 2015, we introduced Bowflex’s incredible MAX Trainers – the M3 and M5. Offering a total body, high intensity workout in as little as 14 minutes (designed around HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training), these were ground-breaking machines, and we instantly fell in love with them. The advanced M7 soon followed in 2017 and now, in 2019, Bowflex have done it again with their brand new M6 and M8 machines.



Here’s why we’re excited about the MAX Trainer M6 and M8...

Amazing personalisation

Whatever level of fitness you have, the Max Trainer M6 and M8 learn who you are, adapting to your unique capabilities. The result is an adapted workout experience that includes fitness tracking, dynamic coaching and trainer-led videos via MAX Intelligence™ subscription.


Make even the shortest workouts count

Familiar with MAX Trainer’s 14-minute workout? With the M6 and M8, you can still get a stellar workout in even less time. Only got 4 minutes? Max’s dynamic coaching will see to it that you still work hard, making it count no matter how long you’ve got. It also adapts for longer sessions, if you want to stick around for longer than 14 minutes.


MAX calorie burn

We all want to burn more calories in less time, right? And the MAX Trainer certainly delivers on that front! Combining the low impact motion of an elliptical trainer with the calorie-scorching power of a stepper, the MAX Trainer gives you the best of both worlds – a comfortable platform that gets you blitzing those calories in short, snappy workout sessions.


Space saving

With a significantly smaller footprint than treadmills and ellipticals, the MAX Trainer M6 and M8 will fit seamlessly in the home environment. Even if you do have lots of space, it still frees up more room for your barbells, dumbbells and other fitness equipment.


NEW technology

With excellent technology features, you won’t get left behind with the MAX Trainer. Both the M6 and M8 offer Bluetooth® connectivity, have access to apps, such as Explore the World™ and MAX Intelligence™, allowing you to stay ahead of your game, challenge yourself and reach goals more easily.


Both machines come with high quality components, including sports performance pedals, heart rate telemetry capability, programmes and excellent build quality. The more advanced M8 offers a higher range of resistance (20 levels vs. 16 on the M6), more user profiles and extra programmes.



Interested? Check out the MAX Trainers online, visit us instore to try out the Max Trainers for yourself, or chat to us via Live Chat on our Fitness Superstore home page.