Just starting out in your fitness journey? Here are three tips from Body Power ProTeam member Zack George for getting the most out of your home training.

There are many tips I could give you regarding training at home, but I’ve narrowed it down to the three that I think are the most important.


This tip applies to not just home gyms but for fitness in general. In today’s world, especially with social media, it’s very easy to judge your progress and journey against others. You might see someone and think “why have they achieved a pull up before me?”, or “how have they lost weight or gained muscle quicker than I have?”

It’s really important to understand that everyone’s body is unique, and that means you will achieve your goals at a different rate than someone you’ve seen on social media, or even your friends. That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, it just means you’re achieving your goals in your own time and at your own pace. So don’t get disheartened by this, and don’t judge your success on others.


Setting goals is so important for maintaining motivation throughout your fitness journey.

A short term goal might be a goal you want to achieve in the first three months, and then you have a long term goal which might take anywhere from six months to a year to reach. Those little goals that you keep hitting and ticking off along the way will keep you motivated and on track to achieving that long term goal.

Without these goals in place you can sometimes feel lost along your fitness journey, causing progress to slow down or even stop entirely.

Only you can set your own goals, so before starting your journey write down three to five long term goals, then for each goal set some smaller milestones that will keep you accountable along the way.


Training at home can sometimes be a difficult task if motivation is low—nobody feels amazing and motivated to get to the gym and train every day, and it’s totally fine to feel like that. We’re all human and not always in the mood to train.

This is where a training partner plays a huge role in staying on track towards your fitness goals. I train with a partner three-times-a-week at my home gym, and the difference it makes on those days I don’t feel up to it is huge. They encourage you and keep you accountable. They also help you get the best out of each session, push you to go a little quicker on workouts or help you squeeze a few extra reps out of each set.

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Guest post by Zack George, professional CrossFit athlete and Body Power ProTeam member. Follow Zack on Instagram here!