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Medicine/Wall/Slam Balls

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About Medicine/Wall/Slam Balls

Using medicine balls, or wall/slam balls within your training programme is a highly effective way to train your muscles through various throwing, swinging and rotational movements. They can help you to significantly develop and strengthen your core muscles such as the abdominals and back, which is extremely important for maximising performance in boxing and other sports. Additionally, medicine and slam ball training allows you to strengthen muscles around your joints, which is critical for athletes, including boxers.

Medicine Balls Vs Slam/Wall Balls

Medicine Balls can be added to a variety of exercises simply by holding the ball while performing the exercise, such as squats, sit-ups, overhead presses and lunges, as well as for partner exercises such as overhead passes.

Unlike medicine balls, slam balls are designed for throwing exercises and have a harder shell to withstand high-velocity impact against a hard surface.

Our range of medicine balls and slam balls are available in various sizes from 2kg up to 10kg and are leather or rubberised. Some are available with double grip to make them easier to use. We stock from renowned brands including BBE Boxing, Fitness-Mad, Body-Solid, York and more.