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New Zero Runner that creates zero-impact running lands in the UK at Fitness Superstore

15 December 2014

Now available in the United Kingdom and exclusive to Fitness Superstore, the new Zero Runner from Octane Fitness, LLC offers all the benefits of running but eliminates the stressful impact to the body. This unprecedented training solution already has earned outstanding reviews and is in great demand among runners and exercisers throughout the United States. And now it’s here for the UK market.

“In a category of its own, the Zero Runner replicates real running motion without any impact, which lets runners add kilometres safely and comfortably,” said Tim Porth, executive vice president of product development and marketing at Octane Fitness. “Plus, it is a great option for exercisers who want to cross train on a totally new modality.”

Ingenious innovation

Distinct from treadmills or elliptical crosstrainers, the Zero Runner uses mechanical hip and knee joints that replicate human biomechanics in running. The independent pedals provide support and allow runners to replicate their natural running gait, just like outside. Users completely control their motion throughout their run, and the Zero Runner follows the runner’s movement through the initiate, pull-through, lift and extension phases.

For variety, warm-ups or cool downs, users also can choose a shortened, circular motion; perform deep forward lunges; or utilise a straight-leg pendulum movement. Upper-body handles offer natural arm motion and help maintain proper posture.

The sleek console incorporates favourite running stats, including pace, stride length, distance, heart rate, calories burned and workout time. It also is compatible with Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth® wireless heart rate connectivity, and includes two placement options for a tablet.

Performance benefits

Available exclusively in the UK at Fitness Superstore, the Zero Runner offers multiple benefits:

  • Run without impact – using the same stride and muscles as they do outside, runners can add mileage without beating up their body and risking overuse
  • Race preparation – when fatigue sets in on longer runs, poor form results, which increases impact and stress – so now longer runs can combine kilometres outside with Zero workouts to maximise stamina, maintain form and reduce injury-causing impact
  • Active recovery – the Zero Runner enhances conditioning but eliminates joint stress and the “junk kilometres” runners are compelled to rack up after hard runs when they are fatigued
  • Cross training – Cross training is critical to improve running performance. CROSS CiRCUIT, which combines running with strength training and flexibility intervals, provides the exercise selection, and runners focus on correcting muscular imbalances and improving their weaker links
  • Longer career – the Zero Runner keeps people running longer by removing the harmful pounding that can cut short a runner’s longevity

Paul Walker, Managing Director of Fitness Superstore said, “We are thrilled to have exclusivity on the Zero Runner. What’s exciting about this machine is its widespread appeal, from the running enthusiastic and elite runner to aspiring and retired runners. It’s received an incredible reception in the US and we’re excited about its impact here in the UK.”

The Zero Runner is available to purchase online or in-store from Fitness Superstore. We have a selection available for demonstration at 7 of our UK stores including Leeds, Manchester, Tunbridge Wells, Frimley, Gloucester, Chelmsford and at our largest showroom in Northampton. Please contact Fitness Superstore on 01604 673000 to arrange a demo. For more information and videos of the Zero Runner, see

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