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About Free Standing Punch Bags/Man

Free Standing Punch Bags - or a Punch Man - are a great alternative to the traditional hanging punch bag. Ideal for your home gym set up as they do not require hanging on the wall or ceiling, you simply fill the base with water or sand.

By weighing down the punch bag, it becomes heavy enough to provide a stable area for you to practice your punches and improve your speed, accuracy and agility. Positioned on a metal pole, it replicates the same movement that a chain provides on a hanging punchbag, moving and rebounding on impact. With no hassle or risks to your home, you can get started with your boxing training or other combat sport training right away.

Free Standing Boxing Punching Bags are usually wider than the classic hanging punch bags, providing a great body opponent with a wider surface area for your punches and kicks. They also come with height adjustable settings so you can fine tune to your needs. A Punch Man, such as the Bodypower Strikeman, is actually shaped like a human for better accuracy.

We offer high quality Free Standing Punch Bags and Punchman Punch Bags from exceptional brands including BBE Boxing and Bodypower.