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  1. Jordan Fitness Olympic Oak Centre Lifting Platform
    Jordan Fitness Olympic Oak Centre Lifting Platform
    Our Price £1,500.00
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Lifting Platforms

Weight lifting platforms are perfect for anyone who’s serious about Olympic lifts. Not only do they provide solid and stable flooring but they also give your floor unbeatable protection, prevent the risk of injury and give you the confidence to maximise your lifts.

Benefits of Lifting Platforms


Protect Your Floor


Olympic lifts normally feature heavy weights, especially as you progress, which can seriously damage your floors when dropped. With a solid and stable base, a lifting platform cushioning that impact, leaving your floor safely intact.


Protect Your Equipment


Extend the life span of your barbells and weight plates with the use of a shock absorbing surface, rather than traditional gym flooring which may not be strong enough, or even just concrete.


Anti-Slip Surface


Perfect your Olympic lifting technique without the worry of slipping over with a lifting platform’s anti-slip surface.