Air Bikes

Built for intense cardio sessions, Air Bikes are currently taking the world of HIIT by storm! Instead of a flywheel, Air Bikes use wind resistance via a large fan, meaning the more effort you give, the more resistance it delivers. Plus, most have handlebars that move with your pedalling action for a total body workout that burns through calories to shred fat fast! With built in programmes and simple operation, it’s never been easier to hit your fitness goals.



Currently making waves in the Functional Fitness world, air bikes use a large fan for resistance, rather than flywheels and magnetic or friction braking. The more effort you give, the more resistance it delivers! Not only do they target your legs, but the moving handlebars engage your upper body and core for an intense, full body workout.


Sitting in a similar position to an upright, you can either stand or sit during workouts. Using both your arms and legs in unison burns far more calories than any other exercise bike. A small footprint makes them a great addition to any home and commercial gym environment too!


This versatility means users of all fitness levels can use an air bike for ultimate results. Despite the high effort required, air bikes are low impact, making it great for your joints, plus you get a great cooling effect from the fan that keeps you cool during your workout.


Choose an air bike if:


  • You want maximum calorie burn
  • You’re into HIIT
  • Your workout area is short on space