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  1. FluidErgo E820 Upper Body Ergometer (Fixed Crank Arms)
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    FluidErgo E820 Upper Body Ergometer (Fixed Crank Arms)
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Upper Body Trainers

Upper Body Trainers, often referred to as Upper Body Ergometers, provide a safe, convenient alternative to cardio and weight training. Perfect for rehabilitation, upper-body rotational exercise can induce significant improvement in the cardiovascular system while using significantly less muscle mass than a traditional cardio exercise.

Benefits of Upper Body Ergometers

Engaging virtually every muscle in your upper body, Upper Body Trainers target strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance. Offering unique benefits for rehabilitation and medical applications, users can train in either a seated or standing position to engage all of torso muscles.


Full Body Training

Despite the name, Upper Body Trainers require full body integration, transmitting power from the legs up via a strong, stable core into the chest, shoulders, back and arms.


Cardiovascular and Strength

An Upper Body Ergometer improves cardiovascular endurance, while developing muscle and improving your upper body strength. Ideally used as part of a HIIT workout, it’s sure to get your heart pumping and torch through calories.