Aerobic Steps

The perfect addition to your HIIT workouts, Aerobic Steps can be used for a range of exercises and classes. The high intensity training it promotes combines weight training and cardio, improving both cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health, as well as helping you to lose weight. An aerobic step is ideal for low impact exercises, meaning that the stress and impact on your joints is very low, so this tool is perfect for anyone that is suffering from bone and joint problems.

Benefits of Aerobic Steps




Frequently used in HIIT workouts and group gym classes, an aerobic step forces your cardiovascular system to work at an increased rate. The harder you work, the more blood gets pumped to your muscles, and the more oxygen they receive.


Low Impact


Often keeping one foot on the ground at all times during a workout on an aerobic step, the impact to your bones and joints is greatly reduced. This makes it an ideal workout for the elderly or anyone recovering from an injury.


Weight Loss


Studies show that just 45 minutes usage of the aerobic step can burn up to 450 calories, depending on the intensity of your routine. Even a simple routine can burn several hundred calories, and so is an effective alternative to traditional cardio workouts. To maximise the calorie-burn with an aerobic step, you can increase the height with risers that are often sold separately, or simply step up and down faster.