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Resistance Bands & Tubes

Fitness bands are portable, simple and easy to use. Traditionally resistance bands are used for rehabilitation and recovery but recently have been added to the workouts of many athletes, as they are extremely versatile and can be used for either resistance training or with barbells. Plus, with a wide range of resistances available, they are suitable for any fitness level.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Whole-body exercise:

The resistance bands can be used to challenge any part of your body, building your strength and muscles.


Things To Consider

Fitness level:

Before purchasing a resistance band, know what fitness level you are. At fitness superstore we sell a variety of resistances ranging from very light to very heavy.

  • Very light to light:

    Recommended for individuals recovering from injury, these bands are very light and are best for working areas such as shoulders and shins
  • Medium:

    These bands are harder to stretch and are recommended for muscles that need more tension, such as triceps and biceps. Can also be used for legs, back and chest for less advanced individuals.
  • Heavy:

    Recommended for advanced individuals who are training larger muscle groups, such as legs, back and chest
  • Very Heavy:

    These bands are the hardest bands to pull and provide the most resistance. They are recommended for Bodybuilders and strong individuals who are training large muscle groups such as legs, back and chest.

Buying more than one:

We recommend buying more than one resistance band so that you can build up your strength and work different muscle groups.