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Air & Hydraulic Rowing Machines

Offering a smooth and strong rowing stroke, an air rower is excellent for all types of workout. The air rower creates resistance by moving the fan against air – the faster and harder you row, the more resistance you experience. Closely replicating the resistance felt while rowing on water, air rowers are very popular in the fitness community, and are featured in national events and competitions.

Sometimes combined with magnetic resistance, air rowers closely match the simulation of a true rowing experience, second only to fluid rowers. Powered by a flywheel, wind is used for resistance, meaning these rowers can be a little noisy, but still deliver a challenging and efficient full-body workout!  

Air Power  

Similar to water rowing machines in a number of ways, air rowers are a popular choice. In replacement of a water tank you have a fan or flywheel to create resistance, still giving you complete control over the intensity of your workout. One of the more affordable types of rowing machines, air rowers are widespread in both home and commercial gyms.  

What to Consider When Buying an Air Rowing Machine  

Rowing Machine Measurements

Air Rowing Machines obviously take up a larger space than other cardio machines, so it’s important to measure both your available workout space, and the rower itself, before you purchase. Make sure you allow for enough space to get on and off the rowing machine! It’s also worth noting that some rowing machines can fold up, saving extra space during storage.

Standard of construction

A quality rower will feature a well-finished, solid construction with an aluminium seat rail. Dual rails are quieter than single rails, and the machine shouldn’t be unsteady when you sit on it. Another sign of a high-quality machine is a decent seat runner. To test this, move the seat to one end of the rail and tilt that end of the rower up a couple of inches. A good runner and rail will allow the seat to roll freely to the other end with minimal tilting.  

Console and programmes

Rower consoles display your workout statistics, which will include at least your speed, distance, time and calories burned. More advanced models offer additional options, such as heart rate monitoring or dedicated programmes, ideal if you want workout variety.  

Resistance System

As in the name, and Air Rowing Machine uses air power to generate resistance. The faster you row, the faster the flywheel spins, and the more air drag you experience. Some Air Rowing Machines have levers, or damper settings, that allow you to determine just how much air is allowed to enter the flywheel.

Rowing Machine Add Ons

  • Floor mats: Place under your rower for stability and to protect your floors from wear, as well as perspiration.
  • Heart rate monitors and belts: some rowers offer wireless heart rate monitoring. Belts can be added for even more accurate readings. Alternatively, you can buy a heart rate monitor.