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About Boxing Equipment

Why Purchase Boxing Equipment?

Those unfamiliar with boxing may consider the sport to be nothing more than brutality. But Boxing and Kick Boxing are holistic; they engage both your body and your mind. In addition, boxing exercise is a varied alternative to the repetitious workouts you get on a treadmill or exercise bike, for example. It is also an alternative to performing countless reps of weights in order to build muscle for the sake of building muscle.

Boxing training has variety and every work out gets you closer to your fitness goals. The added element that you don't get from other fitness equipment is that boxing participants have to engage their mind throughout the whole workout. Punching, kicking, ducking and sidestepping quickly to the left or right are all moves that require the boxer or kickboxer to think about how to put them together in sequence so that offensive moves are blocked. So while you are quickly calculating what to do next, your heart rate is increasing, calories are burning and both your upper and lower body is getting exercised simultaneously.

Boxing is vastly different from 30 minutes training on a treadmill or grunting through four sets of the exact same repetition with weights. While there is merit in these exercises, they don't engage your body and your mind in the manner that boxing and kickboxing do.

Boxercise - A Great Workout

Fun, energetic and addictive, Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today. It combines use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems with  fast and slow twitch muscle fibres. This not only ensures a diverse workout but also enhances sports specific senses including hand-eye coordination, balance and timing. Boxercise requires a range of boxing equipment to get started.

Our Boxing Equipment Range

Whether you use boxing equipment at a gym, a boxing centre or in your garage, you have probably noticed the vast range of boxing equipment. This ranges from boxing shoes, boxing stands, protection, boxing punch bags and much more. At Fitness Superstore, we have a wide range of boxing equipment and supplies to suit your boxing needs.