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Types of Benches

Flat Bench

The flat bench is good for any basic barbell or dumbbell exercise and can be used for any exercises that requires you to lie down

Adjustable/Utility Bench

If you are looking for a bench that helps to target different areas of your body, an adjustable/utility bench is a wise choice. Boasting more positions, including incline, decline and flat, a utility bench has a greater chance to enhance your workout.

Barbell Bench

Complete with upright supports for a barbell, a barbell bench is the ideal platform for performing bench press movements. With secure uprights, you can safely support your bar to load on weight plates.



Advantages of Weight Plates and Barbell Sets

Weight Plates and Barbell Sets are favoured by the most experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters throughout the world over weight machines (such as Multi Gyms or Cable Machines). This is because weight machines are more restrictive. Whilst weight machines are still an important part of any strength training routine, they do not offer the same benefits as free weights.