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About Table Tennis Tables

Why Buy Table Tennis Tables?

Table tennis is a great physical sport that can get you in shape and vastly improve your hand-eye coordination. It is a sport you can play on your own (with one section of the table folded upright, known as playback facility), with a partner or with up to 4 people. Table tennis can be played indoors and outdoors, which is why we offer both types of table tennis table at Fitness Superstore.

Playing Table Tennis

While there are many great ways to get into shape, playing table tennis is certainly one of the most fun. Table tennis has become such a popular exercise that table tennis tables are increasingly springing up in homes throughout the UK. Whether they are purchased as part of a larger home gym or on their own, having an outdoor table tennis table can provide great fun in the summer months just as much as outdoor trampolines can. For the cold winter months, you can purchase an indoor table tennis table.

There are many different models of table tennis tables on the market. These come in a variety of different price ranges, sizes from different brands. As with any other major purchase, it is important to shop around, read lots of reviews and make an informed decision before you buy. It is also important to consider how much space you have available in your home before buying a table tennis table. If you don't have much space, a smaller table will best suit your needs. Most home table tennis tables are stored in a garage.

The Health Benefits of Table Tennis

The nature of table tennis means that exercising is short and energetic. This allows a varied form of workout resulting in increased heart rate and improvements to your overall fitness levels.

Depending on your ability, aspirations and physical restraints, playing table tennis provides people of all ages with the opportunity to enjoy a particularly social exercise whilst becoming fitter in the process. In some respects, it can be seen as offering a total workout, as playing table tennis incorporates numerous body movements contributing to a thorough fitness regime. Table tennis can be a gentle way to loosen muscles or increase mental awareness, while it can prove to be an extremely strenuous form of exercise at professional level.

In contrast to using other forms of fitness equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes, playing table tennis involves a great deal of mental concentration, proving popular with fitness enthusiasts who may find other forms of fitness less stimulating.

Why Buy From Fitness Superstore?

At Fitness Superstore we sell a great selection of indoor, outdoor and ready to play table tennis tables. We also offer table tennis accessories such as outdoor table covers, bats, balls, nets, cleaning products and more. We offer Free UK delivery on orders over £99 and Next Day Delivery on selected Butterfly Table Tennis Tables.