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Fitness equipment accessories play an integral role in any fitness regime. They help you to enhance your fitness regime and to perform your exercises more effectively. We provide an extensive range of accessories to complement your fitness equipment, including exercise mats, gym balls, aerobic steps, heart rate monitors and more.

Fitness Equipment Accessories


With functional training become increasingly popular, fitness equipment accessories are becoming more widely used to kit out home gyms as well as studios and other commercial gym environments. We offer a great range of fitness equipment accessories including:


  • Aerobic Steps: 

    Ideal for aerobics exercises, as well as fitness classes.

  • Equipment Mats:

    We offer a range of mats to place under fitness equipment, such as treadmills and exercise bikes to protect floors from vibrations and excess wear

  • Exercise Mats:

    We offer a range of exercise mats, ideal for functional training, aerobics and yoga exercises. These come in a variety of sizes and qualities to suit your purposes including interlocking gym mats to cover wider areas.

  • Yoga & Pilates:

    A great way to increase physical activity, Yoga & Pilates are proven to improve strength, flexibility, posture and balance. They are also associated with assisting with aches and pains, depression and stress. Our Yoga and Pilates equipment ranges from yoga mats to foam rollers and more.

  • Heart Rate Monitors:

    These allow you to measure your heart rate in real time or record for later analysis whilst you exercise. Heart rate monitors are great for all sorts of training and sports and can be used indoors on cardio machines such as treadmills and cross trainers, or for cycling or running outdoors. Many, such as Polar heart rate monitors are super intuitive with GPS.


We also provide a range of Gym Balls, Ironwear, such as weighted vests and other fitness equipment accessories, such as skipping ropes.