Smith Machine Packages

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Smith Machine Packages

Perfect for serious weightlifters and beginners, Smith Machines offer one of the safest ways to work out at home. Complete with weight plates or a bench (or both), these packages are ideal for training on your own without a spotter.

Smith Machines


Smith machines are the safest way for serious weight lifters to work out at home. Although a smith machine may look like a power cage, it offers little to no risk of injury thanks to its set place of movement and lock-out points. Smith machines are so popular because they combine the feeling of free weights with the safety of traditional resistance machines. You can perform a wide range of exercises, such as lat pulldowns, upright rows, squats, military press, pull ups, seated rows, bench press, shrugs, bent over rows, curls and more.


Complete your smith machine setup with a bench and weight plate set to expand the number of potential exercises and to get the most out of your training sessions and complete your home gym setup.