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Water Rowing Machines

With a water rowing machine you’re able to create your own resistance simply by digging deeper in each stroke, and catching the water at the right angle. Motion and feel aside, the sound of the water gushing through the tank as you increase your speed resembles that of a real on-water experience. Simply close your eyes and for all you know, you could be hurtling down a river!

The most realistic of all options, fluid rowers accurately simulate on-water rowing by increasing the resistance in direct proportion to the pace at which you row. Water powered, you can adjust the amount of water in the resistance tank to increase or decrease the overall pressure and resistance. Fluid rowing machines tend to have a smaller footprint compared to air rowers.

Fluid Technology  

The patented Fluid Technology variable resistance system used on certain Fluid Rowers makes ingenious use of a twin-chamber tank. Water can be transferred to and from the two chambers by means of a lever or dial operation. Water in the outer chamber provides resistance to paddles when rotated by pulling fore of the user. Any water in the inner “passive” chamber does not provide resistance. Thus the resistance can be varies through changing the water level in the outer active tank and the effort of the user.  

What to Consider When Buying a Water Rowing Machine  

Rowing Machine Measurements

Air Rowing Machines obviously take up a larger space than other cardio machines, so it’s important to measure both your available workout space, and the rower itself, before you purchase. Make sure you allow for enough space to get on and off the rowing machine! Water Rowing Machines tend to be slightly smaller in design than Air and Magnetic Rowing Machines, and can be stored vertically to save on floor space when not in use

Standard of construction

Fluid Rowers boast an exceptional standard of construction, with a smooth and quite rail and secure, sealed water resistance tank.  

Quality of movement

Look for a smooth and even feel with no jerkiness or points where resistance suddenly drops away, especially at the beginning of the stroke. Fluid Rowers are designed to ensure you feel resistance throughout the entirety of the stroke.  

Water Resistance System

Water Rowing Machines deliver a rowing experience that’s as close to real-life rowing as possible. The sight, sound and feel of rowing on a water rowing machine makes it the perfect training platform for those serious about their cardio. The filled water tank provides constant resistance throughout the stroke (the water level can usually be raised or lowered to increase or decrease resistance), with adjustable resistance models available for those who want more control.



Rowing Machine Add Ons  

  • Floor mats: Place under your rower for stability and to protect your floors from wear, as well as perspiration.
  • Heart rate monitors and belts: some rowers offer wireless heart rate monitoring. Belts can be added for even more accurate readings. Alternatively, you can buy a heart rate monitor.