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Treadmill Accessories

At Fitness Superstore we sell a wide range of treadmill accessories to improve your training. Our treadmill accessory selection includes floor mats for increased stability and floor protection, maintenance kits to maximise the life of your treadmill, heart rate monitors and more.

Treadmill Accessories  


Expand or protect your treadmill set up with our range of handy accessories, including...  

Floor Mats

Place under your treadmill for increased stability, while also protecting both your floor and your equipment. A floor mat also reducing noise caused by friction between the treadmill and the ground.  

Maintenance Kits

Extend the life of your treadmill with our maintenance kits! With items like belt lubricant, these kits help your treadmill to perform at its best for it's entire lifetime, helping you achieve maximum results.  

Heart Rate Monitors

Perfect for seeing exactly how hard you're working, a heart rate monitor is usually worn around your chest, and syncs with your treadmill to display your reading. Make sure you check the heart rate monitor is compatible with your machine before you purchase!