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Save your treadmill and protect your investment with necessary maintenance alerts. Award-winning treadmill saver® - the best thing to happen to treadmills since treadmills.
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Emerging as leaders in preventative maintenance in the fitness industry, The Green Fitness Equipment Co. brings you the award-winning treadmill saver® for home or commercial use. This innovative alert system helps reduce costs to you and protect your investment by eliminating unnecessary breakdowns. Using an eco-smart lighted warning system, this advanced 24 hour alert system warns you when maintenance or repairs are needed, identifying all issues such as overheating, equipment failure, premature wear of parts and user injury. Similar to a traffic light, the indicator shines green, yellow and red to alert you when the treadmill needs different levels of maintenance or repair. Using an intelligent Alert Indicator Lock, the warning light remains until you’ve reset the system, ensuring you never miss a problem. It’s important to protect your investment and this is why preventative measures are crucial. The treadmill saver features a clever Usage Counter which measures 150 hours of cumulative use. When reached, it signals this to you and informs you that the treadmill requires preventative maintenance. By monitoring your treadmill 24/7, you can prevent all unnecessary breakdowns and prolong the life of your machine.


  • Weight (KG): 1.000000


  • Weight (KG): 1.000000


  • 24/7 status monitoring: Constantly monitors the performance of your treadmill
  • Alert Indicator Lock: Warns you when repairs are needed so you never miss a treadmill maintenance issue
  • 150 Hour Usage Counter: Measures 150 hours of cumulative use, warning you when preventative maintenance is needed
  • Live Current Loop: Safely measures electrical draw
  • 3 colour status alerts: Red, yellow and green
  • Easy installation: Simply plugs into the power outlet
  • Designed for global use: Supports 110v and 220v configurations
  • Accessories: 9" adapter cable, 36" UK power cable, secure sleeve, treadmill saver multi-tool, Quick Start User Guide
  • Weight: 0.5lbs (0.23kg)
  • Warranty: 12 months

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