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About Treadmills

Treadmills from Fitness Superstore

At Fitness Superstore we have over 100 treadmills for home and commercial use. From famous high street brands such as Reebok Fitness, York Fitness, Life Fitness, NordicTrack, Pro-Form, Horizon Fitness and many more!

We have the largest fitness showrooms in the UK, so if you would like to try out a treadmill before you buy simply view our store locator page to find your nearest showroom.

Free delivery: All our treadmills come with FREE UK delivery as standard.

Next day delivery: Need it quick? A selection of treadmills are available for next working day delivery at a price of £24.95. Unfortunately, treadmills are not available for Saturday delivery.

Finance: A selection of our treadmills are available to purchase with interest free finance or buy now, pay later schemes. Payments can be spread over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months (depending on the product and finance type).

Installation: Need your treadmill installed? No problem! We have a qualified team of installers who will deliver and install your treadmill for you. For more information, call us on freephone 01604673000.

Price promise: The 14 day price promise assures that you purchase a treadmill at the lowest price. If you subsequently find the same like-for-like product at a lower price, we will refund 110% of the difference immediately.

Ex-display/ex-demo: As well as brand new, we also have a small selection of second hand and ex-display treadmills available to purchase and pick-up from our store locations. For more information see our ex- display list of treadmills or call 01604673000.

What is a treadmill?

Treadmills (often referred to as running machines) are pieces of cardio equipment used for running, jogging or walking whilst remaining in one place. A treadmill provides a moving platform by means of a running deck and belt. The belt is powered by an electric motor and moves from the front to the rear, allowing the person to walk opposite to the direction of the belt.

Manufacturers are continually reducing their manufacturing costs. This means you can now purchase a reliable home use treadmill for under £1,000 and a cheap budget one for under £500!

In the UK we have unpredictable weather patterns throughout the year and winter brings fewer hours of daylight. Because of this, walking, jogging and running outside can prove to be difficult. But with treadmills you can walk, jog or run in the safety and comfort of your own home, rain or shine, day or night! Read our guide to treadmills.

The fitness benefits of using a treadmill

  • Less impact on joints - Running on a treadmill reduces the impact on your joints compared to running on pavements or road surfaces. To further reduce the impact, purchase a machine with an orthopaedic belt.
  • Reduces stress - During cardio exercise endorphins are released into your bloodstream. This release of endorphins produces a natural high, which in turn relieves stress.
  • Boosts energy levels - Exercise of any kind will increase your energy levels and running is one of the best forms of exercise to help increase your overall energy.
  • Increases lung capacity - Long distance running will help improve your lung capacity, making you stronger and healthier.
  • Increases bone density - The impact of running on a treadmill overloads the selected structure and causes the body to increase the density of weight bearing bones in an effort to accommodate the stress of the activity.
  • Increases calorie burn - Because running is a weight bearing exercise, it burns more calories in comparison to rowing machines or exercise bikes.

Features of the modern treadmill

  • Motor - The electric motor is the heart of the treadmill. Without it the treadmill is useless. Motor power/output is measured in horsepower (HP). The higher the HP, the stronger and more efficient the treadmill will be. Always look for at least a 1.75HP motor. If you plan to run long distances then look for at least a 2.0HP motor.
  • Belt - The belt should be long enough and wide enough to accommodate your running style. If you plan to do a lot of running then look for a belt with a width of 50cm (20") and a length of 140cm (55").
  • Speed - The maximum speeds will vary between models. Mid range and commercial treadmills have maximum speeds of 20kph (12mph). To give you an idea of speed, world class runners run at an average speed of 20kph during a marathon!
  • Incline (elevation) - If you plan to do a lot of uphill walking or running then look for a treadmill with an incline of 10%. Thankfully most mid range treadmills incline to 10% and some incline to 12% or more.
  • Console & programmes - Nowadays most treadmills come with built in computer displays that enable you to select customised workouts, speed, incline and other options. If you get bored easily it may be worth investing money in a treadmill that has a range of different workout programmes, as this will help you stay motivated.
  • Maximum user weights - Always check the maximum user weight before you purchase. Budget running machines usually have maximum user weight of around 100kg / 16 stone whilst mid range treadmills have maximum user weights of around 130kg / 20 stone.
  • Warranty - Always check the warranty before purchasing. Most treadmills come with parts and labour warranty, which means you won't have to repair it yourself if something goes wrong. As a general rule, mid range and commercial treadmills have better warranties in comparison to cheap budget machines.
  • Accessories - You can purchase many accessories. At Fitness Superstore we offer accessories such as floor protector mats, extended treadmill warranties, heart rate monitors and much more.


Different treadmill types

Folding treadmills - If you are short on space, a folding treadmill is the answer. Make sure if folds easy, iis stable and has a high maximum user weight.

Non-Folding treadmills - If you have the space, a non-folding treadmill is ideal. Non-folding treadmills tend to be slightly more stable compared to folding models.

Commercial treadmills - Commercial treadmills are suited for a commercial environment such as a health club or gym. They are designed for heavy usage throughout their lifetime, which is why you will find such good warranties on commercial treadmills.


Popular treadmill brands

At Fitness Superstore we have the UK's largest selection of treadmill brands. Below is a brief description of a selection of these brands (in no particular order):


Vision Fitness Treadmills

Vision Fitness offer a wide range of treadmills for both home and commercial use. The first Vision treadmills were introduced in 1997 and have received much praise for their high quality construction and ease of use. Vision treadmills offer innovative cushioning with their eight strategically placed "variable durometer elastomer cushions". The softest elastomer is located where your foot contacts the running deck, while the firmest elastomer is located at the back of the running deck to offer you support and give you a more comfortable run.

Vision consoles are advanced yet easy to use and give you all the information you need to achieve your fitness goals. All Vision Fitness models have one-touch speed and incline quick keys, making adjustments during a workout simple. Some Vision models store your workout totals, so you can track your progress over time. All Vision Fitness treadmills come with lifetime frame and motor warranties, 5 years parts and 3 years labour warranty.


Horizon Fitness Treadmills

Horizon Fitness has been manufacturing high quality treadmills for the past 25 years. The main goal for Horizon Fitness is to produce high quality commercial fitness equipment at affordable prices. Horizon Fitness offers the same components that you expect with commercial treadmills, from "variable durometer elastomer cushioning" to high horsepower (HP) motors, whilst at the same time are foldable to save space. All Horizon treadmills come with lifetime on frame and motor and 3 years parts and labour warranties.

NordicTrack Treadmills

NordicTrack began in the 1980s by manufacturing cross country ski machines. Over the years NordicTrack has expanded into other areas of fitness equipment, including its now touted line of treadmills. The same flair for ultimate design and comfort lead NordicTrack to sell strength machines, exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers, accessories and more.

Life Fitness Treadmills

Life Fitness treadmills are used in gyms and health clubs throughout the world. The main goal for Life Fitness was to build a treadmill that people would want to use instead of running outside, even if weather conditions were perfect. Life Fitness treadmills are fully-loaded with patented technology and exclusive performance features.

Life Fitness treadmills are powerful running, walking, and jogging machines that are the top choice among exercise enthusiasts around the world. From the introductory model to the ultimate home version of their Club model, there's nothing like training on a Life Fitness T-Series, F-Series, Club or Platinum Club Series machine.


Pro-Form Treadmills

Pro-Form is a subsidiary brand of Icon Fitness, the largest manufacturer and marketer of home fitness equipment worldwide. While Pro-Form manufactures a wide range of fitness equipment, they are probably still most widely known for their treadmills which have continued to grow in popularity ever since they first introduced the now world-famous SpaceSaver® folding design.


York Fitness Treadmills

York Fitness design and manufacture a wide range of home fitness equipment, everything from dumbbells to treadmills. The British division, York Barbell UK, was established over 20 years ago and manufacturing is partly based in the UK. York Fitness is a recognised name around the world and has built a reputation on quality.


Reebok Treadmills

Reebok Fitness is a recognised brand around the globe. Reebok started manufacturing running machines in the late 90s and have been expanding ever since. Fitness is Reebok's passion and continuous research and development has made Reebok one of the leading names in the fitness industry.


Popular customer questions

At Fitness Superstore we have dealt with tens of thousands of customers since 1994 and the most common questions are shown below:

Do I buy a cheap treadmill or a mid range/commercial one?

If you plan to use a treadmill for long distance running you should consider a mid range or commercial one (£600 and above). If you plan to use it for walking/light jogging then a treadmill machine under £600 should suffice.

Will it be comfortable to use?

Whilst the majority of them are comfortable to use it can be hard to make a purchasing decision whilst viewing them on our website. We always recommend trying out a treadmill at one of our showrooms to help you make an informed decision.

I am tall. Am I limited to the running machines I can purchase?

Taller people (6' and over) generally have longer running strides. Because of this it's recommended that tall people should consider a belt length of at least 140cm (55")

Can I purchase treadmills from you on finance?

Yes, at Fitness Superstore we offer finance on orders over £299. For more information see our finance options.

What is the cost of delivery?

At Fitness Superstore all orders over £99 are delivered to UK mainland addresses FREE of charge. Exclusions do apply. For more information see our delivery information

Do you offer a quick delivery service?

A large selection of our treadmills are available for a next day or Saturday delivery service. For more information on our next day delivery, see our delivery information

Can I try out some of the treadmills that you have for sale?

Yes, we have nationwide showrooms where you can try out a selection of our treadmills. To see a list of our showrooms visit the contact page.

How difficult will it be to install, and can Fitness Superstore install it?

Some are quick and easy to install and some can be a little more difficult. Whilst all the models we sell come complete with instruction manuals, we do understand that some of our customers may not be confident with installing their treadmill. For this reason we offer an installation service on a selected range of equipment. For more information call us on 01604673000Lines are open 9am - 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm Saturday and 11am - 5pm Sunday.