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Body Power Deluxe Folding Power Rack

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Packed to the brim with features and attachments, the Body Power Deluxe Folding Power Rack is the only machine your home gym needs for strength training. And what’s more, it folds away! Offering a complete, versatile, full-body workout, features include a multi-grip pull up bar, band pegs, eight weight horns, parallel bar frames and more!
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Boasting an incredibly unique design, the Body Power Deluxe Folding Power Rack has been intuitively built to provide the functionality you would get from a standard Power Rack, all while saving valuable floor space. Packed full with features and attachments, you can train your entire body on this one machine. Adjustable U-hooks and solid support bars/safety catches allow for safe traditional barbell training, without a spotter. Add in a bench (sold separately) to incorporate press movements, including chest press and shoulder press, into your routine. 32 holes on the front and rear rack posts allow for a huge range of starting positions and training potential. A weight plate loading lat machine is fixed to the rear of the rack for effective back and arm training. The lat bar boasts a HDR skidding grip, ideal for performing pulldown movements with a secure grip, or use the low pulley station with the included short lat bar and antiskid metal footplates for low row exercises. Included weight plate sleeves allow for the use of both standard and Olympic weight plates, with a rubber stopper preventing any damage should the weight be dropped. The cable is tensile, wear-resistant and adjustable to 5 lengths to meet the needs of different trainers. (Weight plates sold separately). Attached to the top of the rack is a multi-angle training bar for all your pull up and chin up needs. The knurled handle prevents potential slipping, and allows for ordinary, underhand, mixed, sternum and one handed movements. Move both safety catches to one side of the rack to attach the included parallel bars. Locking in securely, these knurled bars can be altered to your ideal height for performing dips effectively. When you’re not using these bars, they can be hung on the rear of the rack, safely out of the way. Other built-in features include a landmine holder, complete with a handle for T-bar rows, band pegs for extra resistance, 8 weight plate horns, a standard and Olympic bar storage holder, and a leg hold down bar with foam roller. As if that wasn’t enough, once you’ve finished your workout you can fold the power rack up in 3 simple movements, drastically saving floor space – perfect for those working with a smaller training area!


Unique Folding Design: folds in 3 movements to save floor space Barbell Supports: Included U-hooks and support bars/safety catches Post Holes: 32 on both the front and rear posts Lat Machine: weight plate loaded for pulldown exercises Low Row Station: with antiskid footplates Weight Plate Sleeves: accommodates both Olympic and standard weight plates Rubber Stopper: prevents any damage should the weights be dropped Adjustable Cables: tensile; water-resistant; adjustable to 5 lengths Multi-Angle Training Bar: for a range of different pull-ups and chin-ups Knurled Handles: for a secure grip Parallel Bars: for performing dips; can be hung on the rear of the rack when not needed Landmine: integrated landmine holder and additional handle for T-bar rows; bar not included Band Pegs: attach resistance bands for extra intensity Weight Plate Horns: safely store your weight plates Barbell Storage: store an Olympic barbell and a standard barbell Leg Hold Down Bar: with foam roller Other Included Accessories: Lat pull down bar; short lat bar, landmine handle, ankle strap Dimensions (In Use) (LxWxH): 168 x 168 (190 with Dip Bars on outside) x 216 cm Dimensions (Folded) (LxWxH): 83 x 168 x 216 cm Product Weight: 150 kg Weight Capacities: Chin up – 300 lbs / 136 kg ; Parallel Bars – 300 lbs /136 kg ; Weight Storage Horns - 135 lbs / 61 kg ; J Hooks - 555 lbs / 250 kg (across both) ; Lat Pulldown - 300 lbs / 136 kg ; Landmine Anchor - 555 lbs / 250 kg ; Landmine Bar Attachment - 555 lbs / 250 kg


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