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  1. 5 Festive Exercises To Try This Christmas

    5 Festive Exercises To Try This Christmas
    With Christmas just a few days away, the holiday festivities are fully in motion, along with all the cravings and over-indulgence that comes with them! But you don’t have to worry about that extra mince pie - we’ve got 5 festive-themed exercises that will give you a good calorie burn in the midst of the merry chaos. #1. STAR JUMPS These star
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  2. How to Keep Your Fitness on Track This Christmas

    How to Keep Your Fitness on Track This Christmas
    The bottles of Bailey’s lining the kitchen counter, the family-size box of Celebrations on the coffee table, the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies, just out of the oven. Yep, Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’s also the season of over-indulgence, excess and, let’s face it, gluttony. This means that it can be all too easy to
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  3. Our Christmas Gift Guide

    Our Christmas Gift Guide
    The holiday season is well and truly upon us and if, (like a lot of us) you normally leave your shopping to the last minute, now is the time to get things sorted to avoid that mad rush that always ensues on Christmas Eve. That’s why we’ve created this Christmas Gift Guide! Ranging from stocking fillers to ultimate stand-out gifts,
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  4. How to Enjoy Christmas without the Guilt

    How to Enjoy Christmas without the Guilt
      Christmas for many is the time to eat, drink and snooze your way into a festive, happy daze, surrounded by party games, yet more food, and loved ones. For those of us who typically like to enjoy the festivities with a glass of bubbly in hand and a bowl of nibbles nearby, sticking to your healthy eating regime seems impossible.
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  5. A Guide to Gifts This Christmas

    A Guide to Gifts This Christmas
    It’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it, Christmas undoubtedly requires a lot of prep work – a significant amount of which is dedicated solely to your Christmas shopping. If shopping in-store is your thing, no problem, because we have nine stores nationwide which you can find here. More into your quick, hassle free online shopping? Our
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  6. Getting Back On Track After Christmas

    Getting Back On Track After Christmas
    So admittedly we still have the New Year celebrations to come, but no doubt by this point you’re feeling a little bloated, lethargic and full to the brim of every form of food and drink imaginable. Believe it or not, that’s actually ok. It’s a good idea to “let your hair down” once in a while, in moderation of course,
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  7. Festive Mocktails

    Festive Mocktails
    Put a healthy spin on your Christmas drinks this year, with Carly Yue's mocktail favourites… Alcohol contains a lot of empty and useless calories, which means that if you indulge at every opportunity, you may end up feeling ropey, looking a little like Santa, and let's face it… short of money. The biggest piece of advice I give to my clients
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  8. 8 Stocking Fillers Under £20

    8 Stocking Fillers Under £20
    With Christmas merely days away, no doubt the Christmas shopping has commenced. As a helping hand, we've put together a quick guide listing eight of our products that are ideal as stocking fillers - all for under £20... Body Power 10Kg Vinyl Dumbbell Set - £19.99 These vinyl coated dumbbells are ideal for upper body toning or light rehab work. The set
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  9. 5 Reasons to Workout Extra Hard During Winter

    5 Reasons to Workout Extra Hard During Winter
    Let’s be honest, the events that occur during the winter period cause most of us to crave unhealthy food and skip the gym, just ‘because we can’ – but whilst it’s good to indulge in a treat every now and then, it’s important to remember that even just a few weeks of a relaxed diet and exercise routine will almost certainly
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