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  1. 2017’s Hottest Health and Fitness Trends

    2017’s Hottest Health and Fitness Trends
    As we approach the end of 2017, we thought it was time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and take a look at what’s been trending in the world of healthy living and fitness. Here’s what's been hot in 2017, and what we see as trends that will continue to make the lists in 2018. EXERCISE AND WORKOUTS HIIT (High
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  2. How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain and Fitness Dips

    How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain and Fitness Dips
    You know that winter has set in when you find yourself retrieving the de-icer from the glove compartment, and your warmest jumpers from the depths of your cupboard. With colder weather and darker evenings comes the natural instinct to want to stay indoors and stock up on homely, comfort foods. For many of us, it’s also the toughest time to
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  3. 5 Protein-fuelled Snacks That Aren’t Chicken

    5 Protein-fuelled Snacks That Aren’t Chicken
    When it comes to getting your protein fix, it doesn’t have to mean devouring plate after plate of lean chicken, or knocking back raw eggs like Rocky Balboa. (Thank God.)  Here are some refreshing protein-fuelled snacks to boost your intake of this key muscle-building macronutrient… #1. Greek yogurt – 15g of protein in a 6oz/170g serving Containing twice as much protein as
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  4. Sweet tooth? Natural Sugar Alternatives You Need to Know About

    Sweet tooth? Natural Sugar Alternatives You Need to Know About
    You might be smashing your fitness programme, getting the required 8 hours of sleep a night, and following a generally healthy diet. These are all fantastic for our well-being. But for many of us, it’s those sugar cravings that are the hardest to crack down on. Here’s some good news for all you sweet tooths out there – you don’t
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  5. Healthy Snack Swaps

    Healthy Snack Swaps
    If you’ve read our healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner swap posts then you’ll be fully up to speed with what types of nutritious meals you should be aiming for by now – but what about snacks? If you’re a pro snacker, no doubt a fair amount of your daily calorie intake is coming from the ‘meals’ in-between your actual meals,
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  6. 5 Easy Ways to Have a Healthier Summer

    5 Easy Ways to Have a Healthier Summer
    Summer is looming and with the weather hotting up recently, it’s got us all thinking about BBQs, summer holidays, and refreshing drinks in the pub garden. While summer of course has its unhealthy luxuries, such as stacks of ice cream and flowing cocktails, the warmer season actually brings countless opportunities to make a healthy choice – and not ones that
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  7. Keeping Fit on Holiday

    Keeping Fit on Holiday
    A holiday is to relax, isn’t it? Of course! But that doesn't mean that the progress you've spent months or perhaps even years making needs to suffer. Over-indulging and falling out of sync with your workout routine is bound to happen at some point, and so it should, but there's a way that you can plan your break so that
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  8. Healthy Dinner Swaps

    Healthy Dinner Swaps
    We’ve covered breakfast and lunch, now it’s time to talk about dinner. After a long and hectic day it can often be tempting to grab a time-saving, unhealthy option out of convenience, but with a few simple swaps you can transform your meal into one which holds far more nutritional value – and doesn’t leave you reaching for the biscuit
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  9. Do the Numbers Matter?

    Do the Numbers Matter?
    Everybody talks about calories and macros, and we’re no exception. In fact, you can read all about macros in one of our latest posts. But how much do they actually matter? What do the pros think? According to Registered Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, you’re better to opt for nutrients over numbers. Fixating on numbers can hinder your progress and perhaps even develop into
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  10. How to Stay Fitness-Savvy This Easter

    How to Stay Fitness-Savvy This Easter
    With chocolate eggs and sugar-rich, foil-covered bunnies practically spilling into the aisles at the supermarket, temptation to indulge at Easter is pretty high. Many of us have a long weekend to look forward to, time off with family and friends. And, as great as this sounds, time for celebration often includes indulgence. We’re all for taking a break from the
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