Summer is looming and with the weather hotting up recently, it’s got us all thinking about BBQs, summer holidays, and refreshing drinks in the pub garden. While summer of course has its unhealthy luxuries, such as stacks of ice cream and flowing cocktails, the warmer season actually brings countless opportunities to make a healthy choice – and not ones that you’re going to begrudge!

Enjoy the in-season fruits and vegetables

Berries, nectarines, plums, melons, mangoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers – you name it – they all come into season during summer, so snacking on something healthy is going to be easier than ever. A fresh fruit salad or a bowl of cold crunchy vegetables with some hummus on a hot day is the perfect, refreshing option for when it’s sweltering outside.

Your body will naturally need more water

The hotter the weather, the more dehydrated you’ll become, so keeping on top of your water intake during summer is a much simpler task than trying to drink three litres on a cold winter’s day. Interestingly, you’ll often feel hungry when you’re actually just thirsty, so try and drink a glass of water before a meal to make sure you’re not neglecting your body of the fluids it’s crying out for!

You’ll want to be more active

In winter you want to curl up in a ball on the sofa with a blanket, and probably three packets of biscuits, whereas when the weather is nice you generally want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you take your family out for the day, spend an afternoon getting the garden looking fresher, or even just head out for a quick walk, you’ll be on the go more than you realise. Why not take some functional training equipment to your local park to keep active without having to miss out on the good weather?

You can fill up easier on healthier foods

Your appetite is supposedly less demanding in hot weather, so you will probably feel satisfied quicker and detest the thought of your usual stodgy, diet-destroying culprits. Protein-packed salads and icy smoothies are great summer options, and of course, BBQs are always a good shout as a lot of the food can actually be quite healthy. Just be sure to watch your portion sizes, limit those bread rolls and fill your plate up with plenty of greens – and you’ll have an incredibly wholesome dinner to tuck into!

Your fitness will be a priority

It might be hot, but you’ll want to keep on top of those workouts so you’re feeling better than ever in those summer outfits. No more hiding behind a jumper! You don’t need to exercise excessively to make a difference, so aim to get three or four workouts in per week to compensate for any extra slices of summer pie. HIIT workouts are a great option if you’re stuck for time, so grab your dumbbells and kettlebells and get a quick sweat on before heading out to enjoy the sun with friends and family.