Meet Volta, our latest exclusive cardio brand with equipment that’s designed to take your home training to new heights.

Volta Launch

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Volta’s range of cardio equipment is here to support you from start to finish. Taking inspiration from premium products (that often carry premium price tags), these treadmills are not to be overlooked when searching for your next running machine.

Here’s what makes these treadmills stand out…

Volta VT10 Folding Treadmill

Volta’s entry-level offering, the VT10 Folding Treadmill is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to begin a training routine at home. It’s powered by a 1.5HP motor that’s capable of hitting a 12km/h top speed, 15 levels of incline, with 15 pre-set training programmes—ideal for indoor walks and light jogging sessions.

Take your workout up a notch with integrated speed and incline controls on the handlebars, viewing all your stats on the super-large 169x68mm backlit LCD display. There’s a water bottle holder either side of the console to help you stay hydrated, and when you’ve finished your training session, the deck can be folded upwards and out of the way.

Key Features

- Powerful enough for walkers and new runners

- Space-saving folding frame

- 15 built-in workouts for training variety

Volta VT20 Folding Treadmill

The Volta VT20 has a larger, more powerful motor than the VT10 (DC 2.5HP), delivering a bit more oomph that results in a faster top speed of 18 km/h. The VT20 also boasts an enhanced patented 3S shock absorption system that’s designed to offer better cushioning and reduce the impact on your joints when running.

There are some pre-set workout programmes to choose from, or you can connect the VT20 to Kinomap, Zwift or the FitShow app to undertake some engaging and scenic guided sessions, if that’s more your speed—just download the app to your tablet to get started (subscriptions required).

As with the VT10, the VT20 has a handy folding system that lets you lift the deck and free up floor space when you’re not on the treadmill.

Key Features

- Compatibility with leading fitness apps

- Raise the intensity with 15 incline levels

- Patented shock absorption system

Volta VT30 Folding Treadmill

The Volta VT30 steps it up to 24 pre-set training programmes, a larger 3.0HP motor and a wider speed range that tops out at 20km/h. It’s still capable of delivering heart-pumping hill workouts too, with 15 levels of incline.

The VT30 has a large LCD console for easy viewing of your performance and stats, with pulse grips on the side rails for heart rate monitoring as well. And, just like the VT20, the VT30 is compatible with Kinomap, Zwift and FitShow for the ultimate in training variety (smart device and app subscriptions needed).

Plus, similar with the other treadmills in the range, the VT30’s deck folds up smoothly to take up less space when you’re not training.

Key Features

- More training programmes, a stronger motor and higher top speed

- Track your heart rate and more on the large console

- Compatibility with leading fitness apps

Volta VT40IT Incline Trainer

Not just a runner? The Volta VT40IT Incline Trainer has two modes—run mode for your typical treadmill workouts, and climb mode for slower, steeper hiking simulations.

In run mode, the VT40IT can reach a maximum speed of 18km/h and boasts 15 levels of incline, including a decline level. Where the VT40IT really shines though, is in climb mode. Switch over with the press of a button for a 6km/h top speed and a huge 40-level incline range! Integrated handlebar controls let you raise or lower the ramp without breaking your stride, with pulse grips built in to the horizontal bar beneath the console for tracking your heart rate.

Run mode offers 12 pre-set training programmes, while climb mode has 6 to choose from, ensuring an engaging workout every time you step on.

The VT40IT’s console is just as impressive as the rest of the range, highlighting your distance, calories, speed, incline and more. Plus, it has built-in speakers with MP3 input for listening to your favourite music while training.

Key Features

- Huge 40-level incline range in climb mode

- Spacious 140x46cm tread belt

- 18 built-in workouts—12 in run mode, 6 in climb mode

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