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  1. 5 Exercise Ideas for Partners

    5 Exercise Ideas for Partners
    Whilst the idea of a romantic meal out, or a quiet night in with a takeaway may sound enticing this Valentine’s Day, they don’t have to derail your plans to get fit this year! Exercising with another person can be motivating, energising and fun, so why not combine your fitness and relationship with these intimate, but sweat-inducing exercises? Grab your
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  2. Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
    So gift buying on Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally fine, but for those who do like to treat their loved one on February 14th – how do you keep it healthy without taking the fun away? The gift for the fitness fanatic You’re onto a winner here. Surprise him or her with anything from a shiny new set of
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