5 Exercise Ideas for Partners

Whilst the idea of a romantic meal out, or a quiet night in with a takeaway may sound enticing this Valentine’s Day, they don’t have to derail your plans to get fit this year! Exercising with another person can be motivating, energising and fun, so why not combine your fitness and relationship with these intimate, but sweat-inducing exercises? Grab your partner and get moving!

#1. Sit-up Pass

You’ll need a medicine ball, and some exercise mats for comfort.

Both should lie down on the floor opposite each other, with your feet on the floor and knees in the air, ready for a sit-up. Make sure you’re close enough that your toes are touching! With one person holding the medicine ball above their head, sit up at the same time. At the peak of the sit-up, pass the ball to your partner, who takes it back down to the floor, for one rep – and repeat!


#2. Wheelbarrow press-up with squat

You’ll need an exercise mat for comfort.

Get in to the press-up position, with your partner holding your feet at waist height (like a wheelbarrow!) Your partner should squat down, without letting go of your feet, whilst you simultaneously perform a press-up, before returning to the starting position. Repeat 10 times before swapping positions for a full set.


#3. Press-up shoulder taps

You’ll need an exercise mat each for comfort.

Have yourself and your partner get into the press up position directly opposite each other. You’ll each perform a press-up at the same time, keeping your core tight and legs straight. Return to the top, then lift your right hand to tap your partner’s left shoulder to complete the rep. Repeat 10 times, alternating the arm and shoulder each time.


#4. Triceps Kickback

You’ll need a resistance band.

Stand facing your partner, holding one end of the resistance band in your right hand and your partner holding the other end in their left. Both should bend slightly at the waist, with the core engaged, and extend the arm simultaneously, using your tricep to pull the band away from your partner. Relax the arm and return to the starting position to complete the movement.


#5. Leg throw-down

You’ll need an exercise mat for comfort.

Lie down on your back with your partner standing at your head. Grab on to their ankles to keep yourself steady throughout the movement. Swing your legs up, hinging at the waist, so that they’re at 90° to your torso and your feet are pointing towards the ceiling. Your partner will then grab your feet and throw them back down towards the floor. Engage your core to keep them from touching the ground, and lift your legs back up to repeat the movement.


There you have it! 5 exercises for you and your partner that will strengthen both your muscles, and your relationship. Plus, you’ll feel a little less guilty about that dessert at dinner later once you’ve made your way through them! After all, as the saying goes, “couples who sweat together, stay together”…

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