Bowflex continue to break ground with the UK release of their eagerly anticipated VeloCore exercise bike. On the surface, the VeloCore looks just like a standard racer, with its large HD screen comparable to that of the Peloton Bike and NordicTrack S22i. But what really sets the Bowflex VeloCore apart from its high-end competitors is leaning mode, letting you unlock the bike and lean from left to right for a natural ride that really engages your core. That’s not the only benefit that comes with choosing the VeloCore though…

Standout features

The Bowflex VeloCore boasts a rather compact frame, similar to any other high-end exercise bike, but its design packs in some subtle features that really make it stand out. Its resistance range is truly massive – 100 resistance levels, micro-adjustable via the large red dial, ensure all riders can be challenged, no matter their fitness level. With so many resistance levels, any change mid-ride on the VeloCore is subtle and smooth, but does ramp up in difficulty as you reach the higher levels.

Clip in to the SPD pedals to really feel connected to each pedal stroke, or flip them over and use the standard toe cages with normal athletic shoes for a secure fit, and you can adjust the 4-position handlebars and saddle with ease for the optimal riding position.

Choose your screen

There are two options when it comes to the integrated touchscreen – 16” and 22”, the latter of which is only available in the UK here at Fitness Superstore. Offering true crystal-clear quality, the HD display is ideal for really immersing yourself in your workouts. Or, you can connect your Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ account to get lost in your favourite shows while you ride (separate subscriptions required, JRNY™ membership required to access streaming services). A Bluetooth® speaker bar completes the console setup, but you can also connect your own headphones for when you don’t want to wake your housemates!

Lean into your workout

All that is impressive, but let’s get to the feature that really sets the VeloCore apartleaning mode. That’s right, the Bowflex VeloCore can tilt from side to side! There’s a button just below the screen and handlebars – all you have to do is push that down to enter leaning mode. The ability to shift your weight is closer to the natural riding motion you’d get on a normal road bike, and engages your core more effectively than your usual exercise bike. The bike doesn’t create any noise, the screen remains locked to reduce any feeling of imbalance, and the lean feature never causes the VeloCore to feels unstable, but it certainly does make your ride more realistic and entertaining! To re-enter the traditional stationary riding mode, just pull back up on the button to lock the bike into position.

Top App Connectivity

Like many other Bowflex and Schwinn products, the VeloCore offers connectivity with some of the most popular fitness apps available.


The best compatibility comes from JRNY™, Bowflex’s own training platform. Every VeloCore comes with a free 2-month JRNY™ membership, which creates a personalised fitness experience that analyses your fitness level, guides you through daily adaptive workouts, and lets you choose from trainer-led videos, scenic destinations and more. Read more about the full offering from JRNY™ here!


The Bowflex VeloCore isn’t just restricted to one app. Compatible with Peloton®, you can enjoy unlimited access to thousands of on-demand classes at a fraction of the monthly cost than if you had an actual Peloton® bike. Download the app to your iOS device (you can’t access Peloton® through the built-in touchscreen), and you can easily connect your cadence to track your pedalling speed, and heart rate with any compatible monitor, like the Bowflex Bluetooth Armband that comes with the bike!


Interact, train with and compete against others from across the world with Zwift®. Link your VeloCore to the app on your computer, phone, tablet or smart TV, and enter races alongside hundreds of athletes, take structured workout classes and enjoy coach-created flexible training plans.

We’ve got the Bowflex VeloCore set up in some of our biggest showrooms across the country – come in-store to experience leaning mode before you buy!