Introducing JRNY, the adaptive fitness membership that evolves with you. Now available with a free 2-month trial, JRNY is your answer to upgraded home workouts.

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, everybody is different. Different strengths, different goals and different routines. That’s why Bowflex have designed JRNY for all of us, no matter the body, no matter the goals. Exercise isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, and that’s exactly where JRNY excels…

What is JRNY?

A digital platform that really gets to know you well, JRNY assess your fitness level and recommends workouts based on your abilities, available time, mood, and the workouts you like the best. Compatible with select Bowflex and Schwinn products, JRNY lets you enjoy tailored sessions, on-demand classes, streaming shows and even whole-body workouts off the machine, all in the comfort of your own home.

Fitness Assessment

The first time you connect to JRNY on your compatible machine, you’ll be guided towards the short fitness assessment. The app will measure your fitness levels and utilise the data from this workout to suggest sessions designed with your capability and goals in mind. As you progress, JRNY will subtly begin to offer workouts that are slightly tougher, so you’re always challenged.

Daily Adaptive Workouts

The more you improve, the more your workouts will adapt to keep you on track to hitting your fitness goals. JRNY removes the guesswork when it comes to manually planning your exercise routine, and creates a personalised fitness plan that you can stick to for long-term success.

Real-Time Virtual Coaching

JRNY enlists a friendly virtual coach, who’ll get to know you on a first-name basis, to ensure you’re hitting your targets in every workout. You’ll see a scale on the screen during your workouts that makes it clear how much effort you should be giving, and the virtual coach will let you know when to go for it and when to ease off to stay in your target zone.

Explore the World

Travel to over 50 stunning virtual courses, moving at your own speed through real-world locations, or experience them alongside your adaptive workout programming for an effective (and scenic!) home session.

Streaming Entertainment

Using a machine with a JRNY-enabled touchscreen? Connect to your Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ account and stream your favourite shows and movies while you train! You’ll still be able to see your important workout stats on screen, without missing any of the action.*

Whole-Body Workouts

Step off the treadmill, Max Trainer or bike and round out your routine with a variety of full-body workouts like yoga, pilates and strength.

On-Demand Classes

Join the digital cycling community and sweat it out with world-class trainers who will structure the class, lead you through it and inspire you to smash your targets. Filter by class length and class type (like HIIT, Recovery and Endurance) to find a ride that suits you.

All-in-One Tracking

JRNY recognises your achievements. Whether that’s training for 7 days in a row or hitting a new personal best, you’ll be rewarded with encouraging celebrations that motivate you to continue your progression.

Ready for a personalised fitness experience? Pair your JRNY app to your compatible Bowflex or Schwinn machine and expand your training potential. What’s more, your JRNY membership is absolutely FREE for the first two months! Sign up to JRNY by downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play.

*Streaming subscriptions not included. Streaming entertainment feature is only available for products with a JRNY-enabled touchscreen. Unavailable on JRNY app for smart phones/tablets.