Zack George, Body Power ProTeam member and professional CrossFit athlete, discusses how he structures his final week of prep in the build up to a competition.

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As an athlete competing in CrossFit for 10 years (and now HYROX just last weekend), I know how important it is to get the final prep week leading up to a big competition right. Every athlete is different and will have a slightly different approach, but the main key focus points will remain the same.

It's important to understand that any hard sessions you do during the week before your competition aren’t going to make you any fitter, they’ll only place unnecessary stress on your nervous system and will most likely hinder your performance.

So for me, knowing what events I’ll be doing that weekend, I’d mainly focus on some steady zone 2 work and any skill work that I want to perfect. For example, I might have a handstand obstacle course that I want to practise, which isn’t too taxing but builds my confidence for that part of the competition.

Personally, I like to get some light workouts in to keep my body moving on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the competition. I’ll then focus on mobility movements and massages on Thursday, with a full rest day on Friday. Of course, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction and do nothing for the week leading up, as you might find your body feels “rusty” during the event as it hasn’t moved for a couple of days.

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Now let’s discuss nutrition—this will play a HUGE role in your performance. I always have three key elements in mind when it comes to my nutrition in the lead up to a competition:

Hydration plays an integral part in your performance on the day, so making sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the week with some extra hydration tabs will help with keeping the body well-hydrated.

Carbohydrates act as your main source of energy, so I will tend to increase my carb intake during the week of the competition to ensure maximum energy levels throughout the weekend.

Nothing New
I see a lot of people making this mistake—never take the risk of trying something new before a big competition as you have no idea how your body could react to it. You might try a new food or drink and have a bad reaction that could put you out of your event, and you don’t want to have something that makes you sick or have a bad stomach while you’re competing. For that reason, sticking to foods that you know your body is perfectly fine with and accustomed to is always something I place emphasis on.

Taking part in your own competition in 2024? Heed Zack George’s advice and incorporate these tips into your final week of prep to make sure you go into your event in the best form possible!