Zack George with members of the Fitness Superstore installation team
Zack George with members of the Fitness Superstore installation team

Back in November, we helped transform former UK’s Fittest Man and current Body Power ProTeam Member Zack George's garage into his very own personal gym, with equipment from our exclusive Body Power and Body Power TITAN ranges. Zack’s goal was to create a space where he could complete his second training session of the day, focusing on more of a bodybuilding routine, when he is not training at Crossfit BFG (a gym co-owned and operated by Zack George and Harmeet Singh). Here's everything Zack picked to help him stay on top of his game!

Watch the install here!

Body Power TITAN Modular Full Rack

The Body Power TITAN Rack is completely modular, meaning that Zack could customise the rack to suit his needs with a huge range of accessories, and with dips being one of Zack’s favourite exercises, the dipping horns attachment was a must! He also added a landmine attachment so that he could train obliques and do bent-over rows. The full rack also has a straight pull-up bar which is perfect for Zack as he can perform weighted pull-ups.

Body Power TITAN Standard and Upgraded Full Racks
Body Power TITAN Standard and Upgraded Full Racks

Body Power Bar and Plate Set

Squats and bench press (which he will be doing in his Modular Rack) are a large part of Zack’s routine; therefore, he needed some plates and a bar. Zack opted for the Body Power 150Kg Hi-Temp Rubber Crumb Olympic Bumper Disc Kit and Body Power TITAN Teflon Competition Barbell in Green, which Zack describes as the prettiest bar he has ever seen.

Body Power TITAN Multi-Functional Trainer

Like many of us creating a home gym, Zack wanted to utilise the space that he had, therefore the Body Power TITAN Multi-Functional Trainer was a no-brainer! The two 90kg weight stacks are ideal as Zack can add as much resistance as he needs to his full-body cable workouts. Also equipped with a multi-grip pull-up bar, Zack can switch up his workouts by alternating between this and the straight bar on his Modular Rack. Having a multi-grip pull-up bar is beneficial to Zack as he can target his biceps and triceps more efficiently, simply by adjusting his grip.

Body Power Pro Round Rubber Dumbbells

The last thing on Zack’s wish list was dumbbells. He chose the Body Power Pro Round Rubber Dumbbell Set - 2.5kg to 30kg & 3-Tier 62in Rack. Zack will be using these to complete a wide range of exercises such as bicep curls, lateral raises and shoulder press.

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