When it comes to getting your protein fix, it doesn’t have to mean devouring plate after plate of lean chicken, or knocking back raw eggs like Rocky Balboa. (Thank God.)  Here are some refreshing protein-fuelled snacks to boost your intake of this key muscle-building macronutrient…

cottage cheese pancakes

#1. Greek yogurt – 15g of protein in a 6oz/170g serving

Containing twice as much protein as other yogurt varieties, Greek yogurt is a really tasty snack, any time of day. With its extra-thick consistency, it feels substantial and is ridiculously versatile. Simply grab a spoon and have it as it is, mix with some fruit and a handful of nuts (nuts provide even more protein), or go savoury and mix it into salad or pasta dishes

WHY NOT TRY: The Ultimate Greek Yogurt, Tuna and Avocado Spread. Combine two dessert spoonfuls of Greek yogurt with a can of tuna (more protein!), one mashed avocado, black pepper and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. Spread it on wholemeal toast for a healthy and tasty snack.

#2. Eggs (not raw!) – 6.29g of protein per hard-boiled egg

Half a dozen raw eggs cracked into a glass and consumed in one breath may have been Rocky’s fast-track way to a protein hit, but we suggest something a little easier to stomach. Eggs are renowned for being protein-packed and definitely shouldn’t be off the menu. Have them hard boiled on salads, scrambled or poached on toast, or create a wide range of exciting omelettes.

WHY NOT TRY: Egg wraps. Taking the place of tortillas or fajitas, egg wraps couldn’t be easier to make. Mix cracked eggs in a bowl and cook like a pancake in a pan/skillet, cooking for 30 seconds on each side. Fill with cottage cheese or tuna for a double protein hit, hummus and loads of vegetables.

#3. Cottage cheese – 11g of protein per 100g serving

Most of us love a bit of cheese, but we know that it can be very high in fat. Cottage cheese, though not quite as tantalising as its sister cheeses, is a great option as it’s low in fat and sugar. Casein-rich, it releases protein steadily and is slow-digesting, so it’s great for muscle growth.

WHY NOT TRY: Cottage Cheese Pancakes. So simple to make, all you need is ½ a cup of cottage cheese, ½ a cup of rolled oats and 3 eggs. Mix in a blender and then fry in a pan with a little olive oil and that is it! Add a topping if you like but these are great on their own!

#4. Peanut butter – 25g of protein per 100g serving

peanut butter

Peanut butter provides a great source of protein, along with much-welcome healthy fats. With many not-so-healthy versions out there on the supermarket shelves, it’s important to look carefully and select the 100% natural versions. Yes, they’re a bit more expensive, but they don’t contain all the added sugars, salts and oils you simply don’t need. Peanut butter is delicious in its natural state, whether you like it crunchy or smooth. Easy to spread on a piece of toast, it’s one of the fastest snacks you can have.

WHY NOT TRY: Deliciously Ella’s Peanut Energy Balls

#5. Yellowfin Tunatypically around 24g of protein per 100g serving

All tuna is excellent but we’re flying the flag for yellowfin because it is super high in protein, is relatively cheap and is easier to get hold of, being stocked in our supermarkets! It also contains Omega 3 and high potassium levels (our muscles are the biggest sources of potassium) so it’s an all-round excellent food source. Tuna is so versatile: enjoy a tuna steak with endless options as accompaniments, or canned tuna in a sandwich or on salads.

WHY NOT TRY: Tuna Stuffed Potatoes. Bake a jacket potato in the oven at 200c/gas mark 7 for one hour. Remove, cut open and scoop out the filling. Mix in a bowl with approximately 115g of canned tuna, onions, peppers and as much cottage cheese as you desire. Place mixture back in the jackets and bake for another 15-20 minutes.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to try something different when it comes to getting that protein hit. Do you have a tasty go-to protein recipe? Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook or comment on this blog!