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There’s nothing we love more than hearing from satisfied customers so, when Richard “Dicky” Davies stopped by to pick up some more fitness equipment from us, we got chatting to him about his home gym. We discovered a little more about his love for fitness and why he chose to work out from home.

Dicky’s impressive home gym

Have you always been into fitness?

I have always played sport (mainly rugby, squash or golf) but only really got committed to the gym in the last five years after the firm I worked for put a gym in the office. As I was working away from home in Leeds, I had no excuse as I had nothing else to do in the mornings and evenings! However, I was still only then a casual user, and it was only when I got a personal trainer about four years ago that I got really inspired, as he was also a rugby player so knew how to motivate me and what type of exercises helped me with my goals.

Why did you decide to create a home gym?

A few reasons really. We had the space to create what we wanted, and I knew what kit I’d like so it was relatively easy to sort out. I just went to my local Fitness Superstore and said, “One of them, one of them, one of them please!” Also, my other half has been a member of several gyms and invariably ended up not going as she did not like the atmosphere, so creating our own gym made sense. Lastly, with our son being into lots of sports and now getting to the age where he needs to develop his strength and shape, it is easier to do that at home where we can help him (and it is easier to combine with his homework!). We have even got my old PT from Leeds to put together programmes for me and my son so he does not have any excuse now!

Do you have a strict fitness programme?

I would not say it is as strict now as it was three years ago, but that’s because I was then part of a strict programme to change my shape. Along with my training schedule, my PT also put me on a high protein diet and the combination of the two meant I lost over 2 stone in three months and my shape changed. I now follow the high protein diet for 70% of the time to maintain my weight and I still follow similar workout schedules in my home gym to keep fit and in shape.

How long did it take to create your home gym?

We’ve been developing it and adding new kit for about eight years now. We started off with a treadmill, cross trainer and cycle; we then added a set of dumbbells two years ago. We finished it off this summer with extra equipment, equipment that I was using in the gym in Leeds on a regular basis, so I knew exactly what I wanted.

What fitness equipment have you added?

In addition to the above, we now also have a Life Fitness G7 Dual Action Pulley, a Halo Half Rack plus free weights, a Rower, a TRX Home Suspension Trainer, a Hyper-Extension/Roman Chair, a Plyo Block, a battle rope and a punch bag.

Name the one piece of equipment you couldn’t live without.

Believe it or not, it is the Halo Half Rack. Whilst the G7 has more versatility in terms of range of exercises, I like the sturdiness of the Half Rack for squats, bench presses, using the TRX, etc.
Does anyone else use your home gym?

Just the family, but I am sure my teenage son will be bringing friends home to try it when they find out what we have and they are training for sports.

Do you listen to music when you work out?

Oh yes! Listening to heavy rock helps me exercise and particular favourites are AC/DC and Meat Loaf. My PT in Leeds used to put on AC/DC for me, much to the annoyance of some of the other gym users! Another good thing about the home gym – there’s no one to please but yourself!

What’s next on your shopping list for the home gym?

I am about to buy a shorter Olympic Bar for my son. We have a 7ft, 20kg one but we want one with more scope for varying weights. I also need some pegs for the Half Rack to aid resistance.

The best thing about having your own home gym?

Having the equipment I know how to use, and it being available when I need it! I also like being close to home so I don’t have to waste time travelling to and from a gym. I prefer going first thing in the morning and, as I have also got a TV/DVD in the gym, I can watch what I want (and catch up on rugby matches I have missed!).

Post by Richard “Dicky” Davies

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