Ever been to a studio weights workout class? Whether that’s yes or no, now’s the time to know all about emulating this stellar full body weight training workout at home. Using just a lightweight studio barbell with weight plates, you can train your whole body without needing tons of space to do so. Plus, the equipment won’t break the bank, or your floors! Here’s how to DIY a studio weights class at home.


First up, why is a studio weights class so good?


  • You can work your whole body with just a barbell and a selection of weight plates. (It’s easy to switch over with the simple to use collars that secure the weights to the bar).
  • You’ll achieve strength and cardio training all-in-one – yes, it’s a strength class but boy can it get your heart rate up!
  • It’s easy to follow – routines are not fast paced or full of complicated steps. It’s more about form, so it’s quality over quantity.
  • Not just a calorie scorcher, these classes shape and tone your body, whilst improving core strength and bone health.
  • You can take part whatever your level – beginners and seasoned exercisers can all benefit hugely.


Create a studio weights class at home following these easy steps…


  1. Get yourself a studio weights set, such as the gym-quality, yet cost-effective, Body Power Classic Rubber Studio Barbell Set or Body Power Classic Urethane Studio Barbell Set. Both come with 20kg of weights, allowing you to switch up the weight for different sections of your workout.
  2. Create a space: You don’t need huge amounts of space for this class, but enough to be able to comfortably work with the barbell in all directions. Your ceiling needs to be high enough for full extension lifts over your head too. You should have an exercise mat too and an aerobic step is optional, depending on the routine you follow.
  3. Find some routines: YouTube is simply fantastic for workout routines. Simply search for “studio weights class” or “Body Pump™ class” and find classes you like. Play it on your TV or tablet and away you go! If you are going to use a tablet, make sure you can place it somewhere at eye level.
  4. Grab a partner or friends: To really get that sense of a class, you could always get your partner, family or friends involved too if you have space. This is particularly helpful if you need that bit of motivation to keep going.
  5. Create a playlist: Half the fun - and motivation - of exercise is music. Creating playlists can be so much fun, and can really help to get you in the mood to exercise. Plus, with our busy lives, perhaps it’s your one opportunity to play your fave tunes, enjoy some nostalgia with some great hits from your clubbing days, or simply keep up with current music.


And that’s it! Now you can get on and enjoy some studio weights classes at home. In the summer months, you could even take it outside!