a-champions-guide-to-prepping-like-a-boss If you're a winner at prepping than you will be completely familiar with seeing the phrase “#preplikeaboss” floating about social media on a regular basis, perhaps you've even used it yourself, however if you're new to this phrase then at this point you're no doubt questioning why people are prepping and why that makes them a 'boss'. So, what does that phrase mean? Prepping like a boss means you spend your weekend, typically a Sunday for many fitness enthusiasts, planning and preparing your meals and snacks for the week ahead. Why? The idea of it may be somewhat overwhelming, but in doing this you avoid picking up the Chinese takeaway menu or darting to Tesco for a ready meal. In summary, you remain healthy at all times, maximising your health and fitness progression. Fancy becoming a fully prepped boss? Give it a go following these five top tips, you might find this way of life to be a total game changer. Stock up on tubs Thankfully they’re cheap, because you will need to get yourself a vast selection of freezer and dishwasher friendly tubs to store your weeks’ worth of prepped food in. A variety of big, medium and little tubs are ideal, as this will suit anything from a small portion of nuts to huge batches of casserole. Just prepare yourself for an increase in washing up, unless you've got your trusty mate known as 'The Dishwasher' to do your dirty work for you. Clear out your fridge When there are tubs, there is little in the way of space. Firstly clear your fridge of junk food (because who needs that now you’re almost a fully prepped boss?), and secondly, be space efficient in the way your store your refrigerated products. Still an issue? Well at this point you may need a bigger fridge. Shop like a boss Yep, this means no faffing around and causing havoc in the isles. Know what ingredients you need to buy in order to create all of your meals and snacks, and avoid swerving from the shopping list. Got stuff in the fridge that you could use? Use it! Don’t waste perfectly good food and save yourself a few extra pennies when shopping, even if this means having to re-jigg the ingredients slightly. Allow time to prep There’s nothing worse than getting to Sunday evening and realising you haven’t prepped. If you plan on organising a couple of meals, you may be able to get away with doing it on a spur of the moment basis, but if you plan to go the whole hog and prepare seven breakfasts, seven lunches, seven dinners and fourteen snacks, then you’re going to need a good two or three hours. Create a good set up There’s no point beginning your weekly food prep if you’re working with a messy kitchen and a stressed mind. Gather your sanity, put on a motivational playlist, clean your cooking station, get out what you need and get to work. By all means dance your way around the kitchen if this means that meal prep becomes fun, because let’s be honest, it’s hardly a party. This may all sound extremely daunting, but two or three meal prep sessions in and you too will be a meal prep champion. Once you start seeing less of the Dominos leaflet and more of the results you’ve worked your behind off for, you will be eternally grateful for that hashtag that we all love to hate.