Comprising 25 obstacles spread over 10 miles, Tough Mudder – one of the world’s most popular obstacles courses – delivers a fun, rewarding experience that truly puts your mind, body and teamwork to the test. Tough Mudder is not easy, but welcomes first-timers with open arms. It’s not a race, so you can take on the course at your own pace, and the camaraderie and encouragement shown from everyone (even complete strangers) will help you cross the finish line. That’s not to say you don’t have to do any training to prepare for it though…

We spoke to our Sheffield Store Manager Justin Logan, who recently completed Tough Mudder Classic, about how he prepared for the event…

What inspired you to sign up?

I have done six Spartan Runs and one X-Runner Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) in the past so when the charity that I am an ambassador for (Strongmen – asked for volunteers to take on Tough Mudder I didn’t take too much convincing to be honest. The potential to raise funds through sponsorship was obviously also a major factor.

How long did you prepare for?

I decided to do Tough Mudder in February this year, so training started gradually back then really. I increased my training however from May onwards. It is usual to allow at least 12 weeks to prepare and train for a Tough Mudder.

How has your usual training changed to prep for Tough Mudder?

I had to get out and run first and foremost, something I hadn’t done for quite a while in all honesty. Then I simply increased my weight training, functional training and bodyweight exercises to simulate the obstacles, and I threw in some boxing too just for good measure.

What areas of your fitness do you need to improve on to take on a Tough Mudder?

Upper body strength is definitely a must, as well as running stamina (especially hill work) too.

What exercises can you do to improve on these?

Running (both on the treadmill and out on the road) is essential obviously, but also using a suspension trainer is a great way to work on bodyweight exercises. Then a lot of functional exercises too such as the dreaded burpees, powerbag work, bosu balance training for the core and circuit training every week too.

What equipment did you use in your preparation?

I have added some photos of my home gym, the “Pain Pit”, so as you can see it is almost like a mini Fitness Superstore showroom.  The main pieces I used to train for Tough Mudder are; Schwinn AD8, XD100 heavy uppercut bag, Bowflex 552 Dumbbells, Body Power Olympic bar & rubber encased weights, RIP:60 suspension trainer, Body Power balance trainer and Body Power Step.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of signing up to Tough Mudder next year?

DO IT! It’s great fun, character building, excellent for team building too, different, interesting and a brilliant way to raise money for charity too… just make sure you train for it!

Feel ready to tackle the miles of mud, electrocuted obstacles and chilling waters of Tough Mudder? Sign up for the next event, get some friends involved, and utilise some of Justin’s training tips to ensure you’re well prepared come race day.