Why You Need To Start Boxing Training

No longer thought of as just for the professionals, boxing has become a favourite for fitness fans and aficionados worldwide. If you’ve so far stayed away from the bags, now’s the time to lace up your gloves and start throwing those punches! Why? As well as the obvious physical gains, it also has many hidden benefits that you might not expect!


Here’s why boxing is the secret to hitting your fitness goals…

The Ultimate Total Body Workout

Merging cardio and strength into one intense workout, boxing could be the answer for both those that want to lose weight, or tone muscle. Making your way around the ring as you trade punches with a partner has the potential to burn up to 13 calories per minute, or if going head to head with a heavy punch bag is more your thing, 30 minutes of punching will see you torch 200 calories!

So not only does boxing stand up to the traditional methods of cardio – running, cycling and the like – it will also make you stronger, faster and more powerful. Muscle is built when it meets resistance, which is provided by a punching bag or pads. As you repeatedly hit it, the muscles that powered the punch will grow!

The After Burn Effect

High Intensity Interval Training is mentioned everywhere at the moment. Going all out for 20 our 30 seconds in between short rest periods, spiking you heart rate, is a super-effective fat burning method that’s replicated in a boxing bout. These bursts of energy will continue to burn more calories for hours after you’ve finished training.

Give Stress the Sucker Punch

Rough day at work? Rather than building up that stress and aggression, strapping on those boxing gloves and going 12 rounds with a bag is not only a healthy stress-buster, but your brain also releases endorphins that make you feel happier.

Punching is also proven to help you relieve the muscle tension that builds up in stressful scenarios. Throughout your boxing session your concentration and focus will increase, helping you to forget the things that have you stressed.

Confidence Will Be In Your Corner

Great for empowering all groups of people, boxing will no doubt see your confidence boost as you reap the benefits. With skills that can be useful in certain real-life situations, your self-assurance will spike knowing you’ve got a mean uppercut!

The Social Aspect

The social aspect of boxing is definitely not one to be underestimated. Going blow-to-blow with a like-minded sparring partner adds some healthy competition, keeps it fun and entertaining, and gives you the incentive to continue training when it gets tough!


We hope these reasons have inspired you to pick up a pair of gloves! You can check out our huge range of top boxing equipment online or in one of our ten stores!

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