Tips for Building Your Home Gym

Perhaps you’ve had enough of the hectic gym atmosphere, you can’t stand wasting time waiting for equipment anymore, or you simply don’t want to leave the house at the crack of dawn to de-ice the car when the winter months return – whatever the reason – a home gym seems like the best option right now. But where to begin? Here are a few tips and things to consider when building the perfect home gym space…

Set a budget and plan accordingly

First and foremost, the budget. You need to plan this carefully. Start off by listing your essentials, and then you can work the remainder of your budget to accommodate for the equipment that’s more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’. This way you won’t impulse buy and leave yourself without the kit that you’d benefit from the majority of the time. Need some help? Tell us what you’ve got in mind and we can help you build your ideal gym based on your budget and goals.

Fill your space wisely

If you’ve got a large area to work with then you’ve got nothing to worry about – shop away – but if your home gym space is lacking in room, you’re going to need to get your thinking cap on. What do you want most? Will it fit? Is there a better space-saving option? For example, if you want a treadmill but don’t have the space for one to be out 24/7, consider investing in a folding treadmill. There are also rowing machines that you can stand upright, if rowing is more your cup of tea. Similarly, it might be worth investing in a weights rack to save your free weights from taking up unnecessary floor space.

Assess your goals

What do you want to gain from your home gym? Do you want to do more cardio, more lifting or an equal mix of both? If you ask us it’s great to have the option of both, as strength training and cardio are equally as important for different reasons. If you can’t fit in a huge cardio machine, simply stock up on some functional training equipment that can be used in HIIT instead.

Make sure you can train effectively

Space aside, is your new equipment going to push you to your absolute limit? If not, perhaps reconsider what you’ve investing in. You wouldn’t want to purchase a machine that didn’t allow you to train at your most intense in fear of damage being caused to yourself or the equipment. On another note, it’s important to get the equipment that also provides you with an enjoyable workout. If you dread walking into your home gym, something isn’t right.

Purchase equipment that allows for progression

Further to the above point, make sure that the equipment allows you to progress. Cardio equipment is fairly standard in terms of its levels and resistance options, so you’re all good there, but when it comes to functional training and lifting equipment you need to stock up on the products that you know can aid you well beyond the beginner stage. If you’re not in a position to buy the full set-up just yet, leave space for future additions.

Check that all Apps/Console integrate with any existing technology

If you’re into your tech, you’re no doubt going to make use of the Apps and Console features that allow you to sync your training data with your phone, tablet or computer. Before you buy, double check the features and compatibility. You wouldn’t want your new equipment to arrive and realise that actually, you can’t use half the features because it’s not compatible with your device.

Get the Feng Shui in order

Some of you might not care about the finer details, but for those that do, ensure that your equipment blends seamlessly with your gym space. Everything down to colours, décor and surroundings need to be considered. The more time you spend making your home gym an absolute dream, the more time you’re going to want to spend making use of it!

Happy home gym building! Feel free to pop in-store or get in touch if you need any advice, and be sure to send us your home gym snaps on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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