For those of you who like to get your heart rate up quickly and effectively to tear through body fat and build endurance, using a machine that consistently challenges you throughout every cardio session is key. Treadmills, exercise bikes, and cross trainers are all popular choices when you’re after that intense workout – but what about rowing machines?

Rowing is an excellent way of keeping in shape as it works all of your major muscles at once. It’s also a low impact sport, which makes it a safe option for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Better still, top quality rowing machines are also comparatively cheap, making them ideal for those on a budget who’re seeking a serious aerobic training machine for their home! If you know your rowers, then you’ll know that fluid rowers and air rowers are two of the top contenders, but what is it that differentiates the two?

The Benefits of a Fluid Rower

With the fluid rower you’re able to create your own resistance simply by digging deeper in each stroke, and catching the water at the right angle. With this in mind, you can tailor each rowing session to suit you – and every workout is one which is guaranteed to work your entire body, using a natural motion that is considered easy enough to pick up even for beginners. Motion and feel aside, the sound of the water gushing through the tank as you increase your speed resembles that of a real on-water experience. Simply close your eyes and for all you know, you could be hurtling down a river! Fluid Rowers are a top choice, and while you have a constant resistance throughout the stroke with this brand, Fluid Rowers also feature adjustable resistance for those who want more control over their pace. Better still, particular models are built to withstand vertical storage. All in all, they’re an excellent, premium option with limited cons, proving to be a very popular choice for those who’re passionate about their cardio. Check out Fluid Rower to see some of our top water rowing machines.

The Benefits of an Air Rower

Similar to fluid rowers in a number of ways, air rowers are also a popular choice – however in replacement of a water tank you have a fan or flywheel to create resistance, still giving you complete control over the intensity of your workout. Again, some feature ‘dampers’ to allow resistance control, though air rowers are known to have a small lag at the beginning, and they can be cheaper depending on the model. The only downside is that the continuous whoosh of air causes this type of rower to be a lot louder, which may or may not be an issue for some people. Again, there’s little in the way of cons, so you’re spoilt for choice when rower shopping. After some air rower inspiration? Check out Impetus, NordicTrack and Pro-Form.

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