An-Insight-Into-the-FS-Team---Why-Do-We-Workout At Fitness Superstore, working out to hit new targets and achieve new goals is something of which we all share a passion for. On observation, we noticed just how much workouts and training regimes vary from person to person, particularly with so many options out there to choose from. To get a better insight into this, we got chatting to a few members of the team to find out the reasons behind their regular training sessions, which workout style they prefer and their ultimate piece of kit. First of all, we spoke to Louise… Why do you work out? I work out on a regular basis to feel healthy, to be able to enjoy cake and chocolate guilt free, to improve my endurance during long walks at weekends, and of course for that added sense of satisfaction! What does your typical training session involve? I like to work out at home for around twenty minutes every day, mixing up cardio and strength exercises. For cardio I like to use a skipping rope the most, and for a lot of exercises (e.g. jumping jacks) I’ll hold onto some dumbbells to make the moves slightly more challenging. For strength, I’ll opt for the likes of push ups, crunches, kettlebell swings and dumbbell rows. I believe in mixing it up to keep the exercise interesting! If you could only work out with one piece of equipment, what would you choose? I’d have to choose something like the Bowflex MAX Trainer M5. This is a machine that makes the absolute most of the time you have, which for me can occasionally be limited due to a hectic schedule. Next, we heard from Amit… Why do you work out? I work out because its gives me significantly more energy throughout the day, and also boosts my self-confidence. I don’t necessarily want to lose weight or gain weight, I simply want to build muscle and feel good about myself. Plus, nothing beats the pumped feeling after a good workout! What does your typical training session involve? I generally start with a ten minute warm up session on the bike, and then move on to the weights. I try to hit two muscle groups per session, while keeping it varied by using both weights and machines, which keeps my body guessing and builds muscle far quicker. If you could only work out with one piece of equipment, what would you choose? I think I could manage most of my workout on a Cable Cross Over Machine, if I were to choose just one item. By using the right accessories, you can work almost every body part. So much can be achieved with the right tools. Last but not least, Katie gets involved... Why do you work out? A couple of years back I began devouring chocolate, ice cream and meals big enough for two on a daily basis. An additional stone in weight later and I called it a day! Though I am still not as slim or as lean as I’d like to be, I have gone from the girl who did whatever she could to get out of PE at school, to the girl who gets up an hour early every single week day to smash a workout. I’ve also learnt that diet is a huge part of success, which is something else I now take pretty seriously! What does your typical training session involve? My typical day at the gym has developed from a boring thirty minute stint on the Cross Trainer, to a full blown twenty minute HIIT session, finished with both bodyweight and weighted exercises. I do this three days per week, alongside a bodyweight HIIT workout at home and twenty minutes of outdoor sprint intervals on the two remaining week days. HIIT is the way forward for me! If you could only work out with one piece of equipment, what would you choose? A kettlebell, every time! When I first picked one up I didn’t know what to do with it, but now they are incorporated into every single workout. I used to brave nothing more than a 4kg kettlebell, whereas now I’m using kettlebells between 12kg and 20kg – which proves that you become stronger without necessarily realising it.