heather-half-marathon-web In April 2014, Heather Grant from our very own Fitness Superstore HQ, was diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system). Thankfully, after six cycles of chemotherapy, Heather went into remission and (touch wood!) is still clear. While Heather was ill, her sister ran a Marathon and raised over £2,000 for MacMillan. At this point she decided that when she was well enough, she wanted to run a Half Marathon. This not only gave her something to focus on, but it also acts as a good indicator of how far she’s come since finishing treatment. So, true to her word, on 25th September Heather will be running the Windsor Half Marathon – along with her sister, Clare, and brother, Daniel. We got chatting to Heather to find out all about her training for the big event… Why did you choose the Windsor Half Marathon? We chose Windsor because of the time of year and because it looks like an interesting course to run – around Windsor Great Park. How long have you been training for? Since about March. What has been the highlight of your training so far? When I increased the distance of my run from 4 miles, to 6 miles and then to 8 miles over just a few weeks. It made me feel like 13 miles was achievable. What has been the hardest part of your training so far? When I felt like I was getting worse, rather than better! Are you hoping to achieve a particular time? If so, what is it? I’d like to complete the run in under two and a half hours. What’s the one thing you couldn’t train without? Music! Do you have a song or playlist that gets you through your training? I have downloaded a few running playlists, but tend to just set my phone to shuffle so I get a mixture. A bit of 90s Britpop always goes down well – it reminds me of my youth! What will you be treating yourself to after the Half Marathon? Probably a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc... and a week off from running! Where will the funds raised go to? I am very grateful for the treatment I received from a local charity called Dunstone Bennett, who provide complementary therapy for cancer patients and their relatives. This really helped me to cope with the horrible effects of chemotherapy, and the difficulties that come with fighting an illness like cancer. Because of this, we will be donating the money we raise to Cancer Research UK and the Dunstone Bennett Complementary Centre. We’d like to wish Heather the very best of luck for her Half Marathon challenge, we will certainly be cheering her on! If you would like to contribute to Heather’s Just Giving page, you can do so here.