Get fit for life with the Bowflex Lateral X

The Bowflex Lateral X has been hailed as a ‘breakthrough in cardio training’. A bold claim, what makes this fitness machine worthy of such unabashed confidence?


Bowflex Lateral X - 1080



Get fit for life? What does that even mean? Everyday life gets our bodies moving in all sorts of directions. Unlike a regular cross trainer – with its forwards and backwards, single plane movement – the Lateral X offers three directions. Mimicking the movements you do in everyday life, this makes you functionally fitter and better able to perform the tasks and movements you do in the real world. Getting us to move as we do in real life will give us longevity, keep our bodies strong, and help us to avoid future injuries. All good stuff!


Yes, you can work the lower body on a regular elliptical, but in a single plane – forwards and backwards. With the Lateral X, you can glide side to side too. You can also stand, squat, push, pull and more. There’s so such on offer to get those bigger, lower body muscle groups working harder. You’ll engage the muscles you use every day, making them stronger whilst simultaneously toning areas a regular, self-paced elliptical can’t reach. And using those big leg and glutes muscles, you’ll burn more calories too.


Allowing you to burn an average of 39% more calories than you would in a self-paced elliptical session, the Lateral X is mighty when it comes to time saving. Studies have proven that just 16 minutes on the Lateral X would give you an incredible total body workout, burning those extra calories and giving your whole body – not just the lower muscle groups – a toning masterclass. Another reason to cheer is the subsequent afterburn effect – you’ll continue to burn calories after you’ve stepped off the machine.


That’s right – the Lateral X is one heck of a fun workout! With its varied training and multi direction, you can do everything! Plus, it comes with the pretty cool Bowflex™ LateralX™ App. This lets you track your performance and gives you access to high energy workouts, all accompanied by Bowflex Radio, which streams all the biggest chart stormers. With such great motivation, coupled with a sophisticated machine, it’s everything you need to get fit for life.

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