How to take your workout on holiday

Holidays offer a much-needed opportunity to relax, spend time with loved ones and simply get away from it all. It also offers the opportunity to over-indulge, which we all know is not a bad thing once in a while. But for the fitness conscious among us, we also want to ensure we don’t let our fitness completely deplete whilst we enjoy some delicious ice cream and the odd Margarita. Here are some ideas for keeping active on holiday…


Keep it short and sweet

You may be determined to keep your fitness on track, but feel like time is against you. Why not try some short High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts? In as little as 15 minutes, you can give your whole body a fantastic workout, get that heart rate up and scorch those calories. Not only will you get the workout done quickly, these fat-burning workouts are designed to burn more calories, so you can feel even less “naughty” at the Gelateria. Plus, you can do these types of exercises anywhere. You could pack an exercise mat for comfort, or choose a workout that doesn’t even need a mat! Try doing these first thing, so that you can avoid hot temperatures and go on and enjoy your day.

Pack some resistance bands

If you’ve not used resistance bands before, you’re missing a trick. They might look simple, but they’re highly effective. These lightweight rubber bands add incredible intensity to your exercises. From lat pull downs (attach the band to a solid anchor above you) and triceps extensions to lateral walks and glute kickbacks, they can be packed easily into your suitcase or bag. You could opt for ankle weights as an alternative but bear in mind they’re a bit heavier so watch it if you’re flying and have a modest luggage weight allowance.

Get skipping

There’s a reason why boxers are famed for enjoying some skipping action. Skipping is an incredible, full body workout. Not only do you use your legs to jump, but your abs are engaged to stabilise your core and your shoulders and arms are heavily involved for swinging that rope. It gets your heart pumping and is a simple exercise you can do anywhere, though perhaps not in your camper van! Like resistance bands, skipping ropes are light and take up next to no space.

Get active with the family

Just because you aren’t lifting dumbbells or running on a treadmill doesn’t mean you aren’t keeping active. Holidays can be a chance to be inactive but you can also choose to be active. If you have young kids, you’ll probably be active anyway, or you may have to encourage slightly older kids to come away from the iPads. (Tip: Leave the electronics at home!) So, run on the beach, swim in the pools, hire bikes, explore on foot. Simply keeping your body moving will burn those calories. If you track your steps, you may find you do a lot more than you would when at home (depending on your job and general lifestyle, of course).

Whatever exercise you opt for, make sure it’s fun. You are on holiday after all!

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